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Hi, I’m so glad you’ve come over for a nose. If you’re here then I can already tell that you have a passion for your family. You want to show your children the world and educate them in as many ways as possible. If that’s you, stick around because we are about to become best friends.


Jade Karly Staff - Blogger for Mummies Waiting


This is me, I’m Jade, a 28-year old (Oh my goodness, when did that happen!) mum of 2. I started Mummies Waiting back in 2011 when I decided I wanted to help other parents. I love travelling, Christmas, Disney, exploring and home educating but found it a nightmare finding the information I needed to make dreams a reality.


"Lost in a sea of google searches hoping desperately for the answer that I couldn’t find. I knew I had to change that, I knew I had to make sure the answer WAS out there to find."


I’m crazy about Disney and could celebrate Christmas all year round (put them together and I will explode!) I have a passion to help make parents lives easy.

"We spend too much time worrying and planning, lets get out and enjoy."


I love to teach our girls about the world and travelling is the best way to experience it. When we are at home I grab the tuff trays out and we make a HUGE mess.
Still with me? Great, I told you we would become great friends. So my question is, what are you looking for? If you are stuck where to start then, of course, you have come to the right place, these are 6 posts which I think will make our friendship take off (haha see what I did there! ✈)


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Now as we are friends, it’s your turn. Pop over to my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter and come and talk to me. Tell me about yourself, your family, your day or just ask me a question. I’m waiting!