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Aby was my first client, It was a learning experience at first, I wanted to make sure I could get all her tasks does quickly and to the highest standard. We quickly got into a routine together and now we run like clockwork. Aby tasks me with anything from Pinterest to Scheduling blog posts, every week is different and I love adapting to new tasks.

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Sabina was looking for help with creating pins for her blog and managing Tailwind. I worked on these tasks in the back ground leaving Sabina to get on with her work, however with my open line of communication, we were able to talk about anything else she needed as it arose. So as Sabina’s needs changed, we could quickly adapt and put together a plan to raise her traffic in other places such as Twitter.

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Kelly wanted to start her own VA business but needed direction on where to start. I worked with Kelly to give her advice on where to find clients, what to charge and the best tools for the business.

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Sassy wanted a Pinterest account that worked for her blog, unfortunately many sites just aren’t set up for screen readers, which meant that Sassy needed someone to do this for her. I created boards, pins and helped make her account as accessible to her target audience as possible. We discussed options of different sites she’s could use to continue the work herself and I had a go at trying out a screen reader myself which was a fantastic learning experience.

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Vicki wanted to set up as a Virtual Assistant but had no idea how to start. I trained Vicki and set her up with the tools that she needed to get her first client and start making the money she needed.

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Many of my clients come to me because they really want to get traffic off Pinterest, but they either don’t have the time or have no idea where to start. I spend time looking at their blog and their ideal reader and create the perfect Pinterest board.

Ceri knew she needed to be pinning for her blog, but with multiple business she just didn’t have the time to set up an account. I spent time researching the perfect boards and SEOing her profile to send traffic back to her blog. As her ideal reader is a Welsh Mother, I knew I needed to incorporate popular parent searches as well as topics that Welsh Mothers would be searching for (like days out with kids in Wales). Ceri now has 20 boards and her views have grown by over 1000% in a week.

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I trailed some new tactics over on Mummies Waiting, the account was getting an average of 162 daily viewers in the beginning of January, by February the average daily views climbed to 11,545 (62,000% rise) even with a 2 day pinning break towards the end of the month, February 2nd itself had 135,510 impressions from 117,658 viewers.

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