250+ million users doing 600+ million searches a month and saving 175+ billion pins! – That is what you’re missing out on!

So you’ve looked around my site and love what I offer but you want more information? I’ve shared impressions before, but this time I wanted my clients to do the talking. What do they say about my work and more importantly, what are click throughs actually like?

I’ve asked clients to give me a small testimonial, heres what they said:

‘In under a year we have increased traffic by 150%’

Jade has been working with me for one year now to help with my Pinterest strategy. Jade has done a fantastic job pinning daily and helping me to grow both my impressions but most importantly my click through rate. In just under a year we have increased traffic by 150% – Angela

“She is amazing and is a total wizard at the platform”

Jade is the queen of Pinterest. She took over my account and increased the traffic from Pinterest by over 600% year on year. She is amazing and is a total wizard at the platform. I would highly recommend Jade to anyone who wants to succeed with Pinterest. – Aby

“My click through was up by 191%!!! That’s blooming incredible!!”

This screen shot shows Pinterest is my number 1 referrer since you took over the account!! – Cherry

“In the months since you took over my account, I saw my traffic soar!”

Pinterest wasn’t fun for me, I didn’t know where to start or what to do. With to many posts out there and little time, I just had to find someone to hand it over to. Jade’s passion in growing my account has shown though both my stats and her communication. She messages me with ideas and is always updating the way she pins. I don’t have to worry about my account now and Pinterest is my top (and well performing) referer. – Jade

“To say that Jade turned my Pinterest around is an understatement.”

To say that Jade turned my Pinterest around is an understatement. When I approached her I had 6 measly views a month from Pinterest to my site. After using her services this increased by 3333%! That’s not a typo! She has also helped me with Tailwind, Smart Loop and much more. It’s had a mind-blowing effect on my blog and I would highly recommend her to anyone. It also helps that she’s incredibly kind and easy to work with.

“Using Jade’s services was the best decision I have made since starting blogging”

Despite blogging for nearly 4 years, I only started using Pinterest a 2 years ago. As a predominately craft blogger everyone kept telling me you need to be on Pinterest! So I set up my account, started creating pins for blog posts and well, pinned! Not every day (I kept forgetting), and definitely not consistently.

Nearly a year had passed an I thought I was doing OK. October 2018 I had 219 followers on Pinterest and 279.4K monthly unique viewers. I thought I was doing alright, but although 85% of my traffic was coming from Pinterest I was still only had 1861 sessions that month.

Then along came Jade. She looked at my account and gave me a list of guidelines for the short term and a longer term strategy. She also helped me set up Tailwind and a regular pinning schedule. I was keen at first implementing some of her suggestions, but if I’m honest I struggled to find the time to pin consistently and my Tailwind queue was often left empty.

In January 2019 I decided to employ Jade for just a couple of hours a month to pin for me and to keep my tailwind queue full with relevant and seasonal content.  The difference has been amazing.  This October I had a total of 27,754 sessions via social referral and a whopping 99.18% of those coming from Pinterest! I now have 3.6 monthly unique viewers and 1.7K followers.

Using Jade’s services was the best decision I have made since starting blogging. Not only has it increased traffic to my site, it has lead to increased opportunity to work with brands, allowed me to monetise my site through advertising and affiliates and it also frees up my time to do what I love to do which is think up crazy crafts with my kids!