Jade Karly Staff Virtual Assistant

Hi I’m Jade,

As a mum of 2 who was desperate to stay at home with her children, but also make money to support her family, I was offered the amazing offer to become a Virtual Assistant. Another business on top of my blog and 2 kids sounds crazy right? Well it’s not, my Virtual Assistant business gives me the opportunity to  stay at home with my children during the day, work over dinner time and then still be around for bedtime. I make more money than I did in my previous job and therefore I have the power to take my family on more adventures.


“I want to help other mums like me become the best bloggers assistant and stay home to achieve their dream.”




Kairi and Naminé<–  My World

If you want to know what I’m doing when I’m not taking away your stress or sending your Pinterest account to the next level, then take a look at these two. Kairi (5) and Naminé (3) are my world. I spend any time I’m not working play with them, educating them and exploring the world. They are each others best friend and mine too, then you add daddy and the dog into the mix and I have my perfect family.


“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, just a dream away.”





Things I LoveJade Karly Staff Disney Ears

Disney and Travel – Literally anything about it, the parks, the merchandise, the stories and the way it makes me cry as I walk though the gates! I’d spend every last penny on taking my kids around the world, I want too see so much and I want them to also.

Apple Products – I am a Apple fan girl and proud of it. I love to try and get hold of the latest iPhone and my MacBook is the best piece of tech I’ve ever brought.

Making memories – Recently I’ve become obsessed with taking photos, I love to make and keep memories like being silly with my kids by getting in the pool fully clothed.

Helping people – I have a passion to help people, whether that be in person or over the internet, I want to make a difference in life and be kind.