This is me

Erm, how do I start?!

Hi, I’m Jade, but you probably already knew that from everywhere else on my site. I’m a mum of 2 girls Kairi (K-eye-ree) aged 4 and Naminé (Nah-mih-nay) aged 2 – Their names came from the video game Kingdom Hearts. We live in the beautiful city of Ely with my husband Ryan and our mini poodle (read ‘really noisy pain in the butt’, it’s a good job we love him) called Coco.

I work all the time as a Playleader, a blogger and a VA and have a passion to help people, travel and educate our girls. Most people will tell you I’m crazy about Christmas and mad about Disney, to me it’s just my normality!

Mummies Waiting Crazy Christmas Quote

I’m different because well, I’m ME! My passion to help others and my childcare background has given me the ability to work at home, educate our girls and share this amazing journey with you (packed with fantastic recourses!)

Random Facts

  • I can’t spell to save my life. I have gotten better over the year (Thank you spell check and now Grammarly!) but in reality, my work is full of typos and exclamation marks!
  • I love Christmas. I start playing Christmas music in July and decorate on the 1st November. (I put my Christmas jumper on then too!) Everyone is always telling me I shouldn’t but I’m not doing any harm, so I’m going to carry on.
  • I love Disney too. I would live there if I could. Unfortunately, I can’t so instead I visit every chance I get.
This is what me and my crazy family look like on a day out! Yep, I’m constantly holding my phone and taking pictures on our family. I’m rarely in them, so this is actually quite nice!
Staff Family
Lastly, If you are looking for something but not sure what, head over to the Start Here page where I have plenty of ideas or pop over to The Vault to grab some freebies!

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