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Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! It's a Disney Kinda day!

Hi, I'm Jade, but you probably already knew that from everywhere else on my site.

I'm a mum of 2 girls Kairi (K-eye-ree) aged 4 and Naminé (Nah-mih-nay) aged 2 - Their names came from the Disney video game Kingdom Hearts. We live in the beautiful city of Ely with my husband Ryan and our mini poodle (read 'really noisy pain in the butt', it's a good job we love him) called Coco.


Quick get to know me!
I love...

Disneyland Paris?

People that drop litter?

Nights watchhing netflix with family?


I’ve been taking Disney trips for almost 20 years now. First as a child myself, then an adult and finally as a mum taking her own children.

The later has been the most magical experience for me. Nothing prepares you for the first time your child says ‘wow’ at the castle or meets their hero for the first time.

But then again, nothing prepares you for that first poo explosion during a character meal either!

If you can dream it, you can do it
Walt Disney


I want to help you!

I could chat about Disney for hours! So what better way to deal with that, than to put all my passion in helping YOU! I've filled the blog with information on planning, packing, ideas to keep the kids occupied on the way, surprises and all the information you will need to take the stress out of your holiday planning and put the fun and excitement in!


Why a Disney site?

As I prepared for our first trip with Naminé, who was going to be 6 weeks old at the time, I was filled with dread! Would she be able to go on anything? Would I? Would it mean extra queuing? Could I breastfeed in France?

After hours of Googling, there were no answers.

I knew that had to change!

My passion for Disney and helping others came together. I had to make a site where I could help and support other parents, so they didn't feel the same.

Mummies Waiting was born!

Head to my favourite post!

Lastly, If you are looking for something but not sure what, head over to the Start Here page where I have plenty of ideas or pop over to The Vault to grab some freebies!

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  1. Hi Jade, the red ‘done’ button when trying to join the vault to get access to downloads doesn’t work. Any other way I can get the password for access? Could you maybe email it to me? Thank you. Great site by the way

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