What to wear at Walt Disney World

What to wear at Walt Disney World

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I can’t believe the time is finally here where we are jetting off to Walt Disney World! After months and months spent planning rides, meals, parks reservations and outfits, I can finally take a big deep breathe and enjoy that moment we’ve all been waiting for – walking through the park gates! The hardest bit of all, what to wear at Walt Disney World?!

As a regular Disney goer I didn’t think that planning outfits would be difficult this time around, but as it’s been a while since i’ve been to Walt Disney World I quickly realised the wardrobe we had just wasn’t what we needed. So after creating list after list I purchased all we needed and put together 10 outfits for out 2 weeks in the parks at Walt Disney World. We will be doing washing twice in this trip to save space in the case and i’ve mixed and matched ears arround to make things a little different too.

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What to wear when traveling to Walt Disney World

For traveling we really needed 2 outfits or one that could easily change. It’s likely to be cool when we leave the UK and very hot once we reach the USA, so I wanted to make sure we would have something nice and comfortable to travel in but also something that’s not too cold or too hot.

So for the UK side we each have jeans and a jumper. Jeans are pretty comfy to travel in and a jumper means we can layer up for those warm or cool moments.

I purchased my jumper from Magical Day Apparel on Instagram. They have so many amazing jumpers to chose from and I ended up going for a custom design becuase I loved the sleve on one but the logo on another.

The girls have black and gold themed Harry Potter jumpers that I purchased from Amazon. I was super impressed with the qualtiy of all 3 of our jumpers and they’re definatly the cozy feel I was going for.

All 3 of ours ears came from Primark and were on sael between 50p and £3.

Mum is wearing a black Disney parks themed jumper with a logo on the left side of the chest and fireworks down the sleve and jeans. Two girls are wearing black jumpers with a gold Harry Potter HP logo and jeans. All 3 are wearing red and black minnie mouse ears.


For the USA side of travel day we will be switching out our jeans for jean shorts and a tshirt each.

I purchased my It’s so good to be home’ vest top from Blackrocks Studio on Etsy, although it’s very short in the body, it’s not a problem becuase i’ve chosen to tuck it in,

The girls ‘best day ever’ tshirts came from Ali Express, we didn’t want to end up spending too much on clothes for this trip and these were cheap and perfect.

For each of the travel days we have our Minnie Mouse ears which are from Primark and a backpack each. The girls have a mini backpack from Primark and I have a Minnie Mouse black glitter loungefly with a red bow.

These are simular to my loungefly back pack and the bumbag is here too.

What to wear at Walt Disney World - Mum is wearing jean shorts with a black vest top tucked in that says 'it's good to be home' and has Mickey and fire works around. She completes her outfit with a paid of red and black minnie ears and hanging off her shoulder is a black and red Minnie Mouse themed glitter loungefly backpack. The girls are also wearing jean shorts with a while tshirt tucked in that says 'best day ever' and has magic disney themeding around. They're wearing black mini minnie mouse backpacks and a pair of black pom pom ears with a red bow.

What to wear at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

On this trip we have 3.5 days at Magic Kingdom, so it gave us a great change to Disney bound as some fun characters. For our first outfits we choose Minnie Mouse. I love how easy Minnie was to put together. My outfit was a red polkadot dress from Shein and a bargain price! I love this dress becuase it easily folds down into a skirt (which you will see in a later outfit). The girls dresses were also a great price and we’re Minnie Mouse dresses that came from Ali Express.

For accessories, my ears are from Disneyland Paris and the girls ears actually light up from Ali Express! I will be taking my Minnie Mouse loungefly bumbag from Amazon that matches my backpack and the girls also have their own Minnie Mouse silver bumbags too from Primark.

What to wear at Walt Disney World - Mum is wearing a read spotted off the shoulder knee length dress and red and black minnie ears, two girls are wearing a dress with a black vest top shape and red spotted skirt shape and light up red and black minnie ears

Our next Magic Kingdom outfit is this Mickey Mouse bound, we could never miss the main man himself! For this outfit I purchased a long satin black skirt from Shein and another vest top from Blackrocks Studio, this time saying ‘I’m gonna ride til I can’t no more’, The girls have Mickey Mouse themed dressed from Ali Express, which are adorable. I absolutly love the ruffels on these dresses and they’re adjustable so will last for many trips. We are both wearing our Primark ears, the girls are actually fluffy pom poms which look so sweet.

What to wear at Walt Disney World - Mum is wearing a long satin black skirt with a black vest top tucked in. The top had icons of park rides and says 'I'm going to ride 'til i can't find no more!', she has black and red minnie ears. The girls are wearing Mickey mouse themed dresses that have yellow bow ties on them. They are wearing pom pom minnie ears that are black with a red bow.

What to wear at Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

As we are only visiting Hollywood Studios twice I figured it would be easier to repeat the same outfit. For this park I decided to go 60’s theme with a black and white spotted skirt from Shien. I’m pairing this with another top from Blackrocks Studio this time that says ‘I’m here for the snacks’. My ears are black and gold from Disneyland Paris.

As it’s our eldests birthday, we’ve brought her a personalised birthday sash to wear from Etsy. They choose to wear a pink Aurora/Sleeping Beauty themed dress with lots of pretty pink bows all over it. This was from Ali Express and is the same design as the Mickey one so great for growing into. Their ears also came from Ali Express and have little gold crowns on the bows.

Mum is wearing a 60's style knee length black and white spotted skirt with a black vest top tucked in that says 'here for the snakcs' with 4 snack images on them. Her outfit is complete with gold and black/blue minnie ears. Two girls are wearing pink Auroro themed dresses complete with pink minnie ears that have a white bow with a small gold crown on them. One child has a pink sash with gold writing that says 'princess kairi's birthday' on it.

What to wear at EPCOT, Walt Disney World

As EPCOT is my favourite park, I had to make sure we were doing 3 days there! There are just so many wonderful things to see (and eat!).

For our first EPCOT day the girls choose these sweet Ariel/The Little Mermaid dresses from Ali Express, these dresses are like cool vest tops with skirts and I think they’ll be perfect for the hot weather. Also on Ali Express was the matching ears. I love that they both have the same ears with a small difference, one has a mermaid emblem and the other has a dinglehopper (fork) on it.

As I popped on my clothes they told me that as they we’re mermaids, I was the sea! So here I am in my blue and white flower themed knee length dress from Shien. My ears are Adam Hattan (Youtuber) and Hannah Marie Magic (Etsy) 50th Anniversay ears with the shimmering bow. I’ll probably need a hair grip to keep these in though.

Mum is wearing a blue knee length dress with a white flower pattern on it. She has a pair of Blue minnie ears wih a gold bow on. The two girls are wearing Ariel, the little mermaid dresses that had a purple vest top half and a green mermaid scale skirt, they are wearing matching ears of green mermaid scale and a purple bow with either a gold mermaid of a dinglehopper/fork on the top.

For our other EPCOT outfit we are go for SNACKS! EPCOT is the home of delicious worldly foods and festivals too.

My skirt is acutally the Shien dress from earlier on in the trip and my top is the same one from Blackrocks Studio. The girls have matching red spotted shorts from Shien and white t-shirts from Ali Express that say here for the snacks.

We each chose our own set of ears, the girls wanted Dalmation and Rapunzle from Ali Express and mine are an old custom pair that have park icons and rides on them.

What to wear at Walt Disney World - Mum is wearing a red spotted long skirt and a black vest top that says here for the snacks with 4 icons of Disney themed snacks on it. She has a pair of hand made minnie ears with icons from the parks. The girls are wearing red and white spotted shorts with a white tshirt that says here for the snacks, it has food arranged in the shape of a mickey head on it. One child is wearing dalmation themed minnie ears and the other rapunzle themed minnie ears.

What to wear at Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Just like Hollywood Studios we have 2 days at Animal Kingdom so i’ve set one outfit up to wash and repeat!

I actually knew what I wanted to do for this outfit before I started looking. My skirt is leopard themed from Shien and my top is a plain black vest from from Peacocks. My ears came from Ali Express and I fell in love with them immediatly!

The girls leopard print dresses came from Shien as they wanted to match with me.

What to wear at Walt Disney World - Mum and two girls are all wearing a leopard themed skirt and a black vest top, the girls is a dress, mums are seperate and tucked in. Mum has Leopard themed minnie ears with a black bow and a gold Simba in the middle.

What to wear to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach Water Parks and your Pool/Rest Day

For our rest days I wanted something cool and easy to get on and off. We will be heading to the water parks, sitting by Pop Century’s hotel pool and popping into Disney springs.

My high waisted shorts came from Shien and I have another black vest top from Peacocks. The girls pastal tie-die dresses also came from Shien.

They also picked up these mermaid swimming costumes from Shien too, while I just have a plain black one.

Mum is wearing jean shorts and a black vest top tucked in, both girls are wearing a pastle tie-die dress. They all have a swimming costume, the girls are mermaid themed and mums is plain black.

What to wear at Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure on your Orlando Vacation

We only have 1 day of our trip in the Universal Parks and we are planning on Focusing on Harry Potter World and getting a ride on Jurrasic Park if we get the time.

For this I’ve purchased the red version of the blue Shien dress, I just love the fit on this one.

The girls have a pair of Jean shorts from H&M and a ‘give socks, free eleves‘ dobby t-shirt from Ali Express.

Mum is wearing a knee lenght red dress with a while flower pattern. The two girls are wearing shorts and a white t-shirt that has a picture of dobby the house elf on it and the tes give socks, free elves.

Having never used Ali Express and Shien before this trip I have to say I was really impressed with both the quality and the price of each item. My tip for both companies would be to order well in advance of when you need it. Shien takes about 2 weeks for delivery but Ali Express can take 4-6 weeks.

Ears were roughtly £1 a pair and seam very comfy, where as our dresses were arround £3-6 each! Shien have a great plus size range for womans clothing and there were lots of wonderful family outfits too, if you are plus size consider ordering ‘high waisted; clothing. I find that high waisted gives me more wiggle room and has a much better fit, it also seams to slim my body too. We found Primark super helpful for items like shoes and bags too, with Amazon filling in the gaps.

What are you wearing on your next Disney trip?

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