Summer Holidays in Greece? 4 Underrated Greek Travel Destinations

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Greece has over 200 islands. How many of them do you know? Mykonos and Santorini are probably the first names that came to your mind. Do you know any other islands? How many Greek cities do you know? Besides Athens (which is the capital of the country)? 

Greece is a great country to visit in summer thanks to its temperate climate. But there are many places that deserve much more recognition and attention. And although they do not receive the number of tourists they would like, they are always prepared to welcome a plethora of guests. Trusted car hire companies like Enjoy Travel, road signs written in English and locals speaking English fluently are methods that Greek people employ in order to provide the best experience to visitors. So, what are some underrated places in Greece that you should consider travelling to? You will find only four of them below. 



In the North of Greece, there is a small city called Kastoria. It is popular for the exportation of furs. The main reason why it attracts both locals and international travellers is the beauty of the landscape. The city is surrounded by mountains and at its centre there is a lake called Lake Orestiada or Lake Kastorias. If you like this natural description, an alternative option of a bigger city with a lake and mountains all around is Ioannina.


If you want to go to a Greek island but you cannot stand huge crowds, Icaria is the perfect option. It is a quiet island where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape. Additionally, it is ideal for Greek mythology fans. The island was named after Icarus. He was a young man who wanted to fly. He created wings out of wax, and he managed to make his dream come true. But when he got too close to the sun, his wings started melting, and he landed on this island. 

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Getting back on land but in a coastal city, Kavala provides the perfect combination of natural beauty and urban luxuries. You can learn everything about the history of the city by visiting the fortress, the Old Town and many archaeological sites. If you want to relax, you can stroll along the port in the city centre or go for a swim at sandy beaches 30 minutes away, tops.    

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Nafplion is a city in Peloponnese, in the south of Greece, where many locals go to because it is considered as one of the most beautiful locations of the area. The fact that it is only two hours away from Athens also helps. Besides the beauty of the Argolic Gulf, Nafplion is a place full of historical sites, statues and museums that teach and remind people of its rich history. A fun fact about this beautiful city is that Nafplion was the first official capital of Greece.

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