Keeping Your Family Well This Holiday Season

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With Christmas cancelled last year, we’re all worrying about missing out this year. It’s a time for being with family, relaxing and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. If the government doesn’t stop us from being together this year, we certainly don’t want illnesses to get in the way! But this year it seems like everyone we know seems to be getting a cold and when one person in the house gets it, the whole house does. So how can you keep your family well this Holiday Season?

Stay Active

Keeping active is really important for your health. In the warmer months we tend to go out often, but as it gets wetter and colder it becomes something we avoid. Wrap up warm and get outside together, take a lovely nature walk, follow a beautiful nature curriculum or find local events you can walk around. If you’ve got little ones, a trip to the park is a great excuse for the whole family to be active and you’ll feel great from the bonding time too.


Take Vitamins

With less sun and time outside, vitamins can really help your immune system at this time of year and although adults are happy to take them, we all know kids usually have something to say about it. There are plenty of colours, shapes and flavours out there so choose the best vitamin gummies for your kid to make sure they take theirs daily without any complaints.


Drink More Water

It’s really easy this time of year to start replacing your usual water intake with other things. Everywhere you turn there seems to be Coke, Lemonade, Juice and J20s, although these things are delicious, they should still be a great treat and water should still be at the top of your list. If you’re struggling to keep your water intake up this year, why not look at a bottle with timings on or download a water app on your phone. Even doodling notes at your desk can help you remember.


Get Plenty Of Sleep

The holiday season is such a busy time of year, there’s people to meet, stockings to fill and gifts to wrap, but don’t do too many late nights. Getting plenty of sleep is so important. Use an app on your phone to track your sleep and set up reminders for when to go to bed. If you’ve got stuff that still needs doing, stop and ask yourself  ‘can this wait until tomorrow?’ chances are it can!


Are you worried about being ill this Christmas? What are you doing to keep your family healthy?


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