How to Keep Your Kids Happy and Comfy while Travelling

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It’s vacation season, and for many parents, you know that means long car rides or plane trips with your kids. While it can be a challenge to keep them happy and comfy on their travels, there are ways to make the experience more enjoyable. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips that have helped my family enjoy travelling together!



#1 Pack snacks and drinks

The first thing you should do is pack snacks and drinks for your kids. The number one thing that will make them unhappy on a long car ride or aeroplane trip is hunger! So make sure you have healthy foods like dried fruit, nuts, crackers, and granola bars, as well as drinks available to keep their blood sugar up throughout the day.

#2 Remember their favourite toy

Kids love their favourite toy, so make sure you bring it along on your trip. If they need to plug in an electronic device like a tablet or game boy for long car rides and aeroplane trips (we all know how much kids love playing with electronics), don’t forget bringing the charger too! This will not only keep them happy and comfy but will ensure that they can keep playing with their favourite toy. In addition, ensure you have adequate gear with you for when you’ve reached your destination, such as a Moses Basket if you have a baby, or a first aid kit for unexpected instances.

#3 Have a change of clothes on you at all times

This is a tip that will keep your kids happy and comfy and ensure that you don’t end up with any unnecessary messes. Kids are known for spilling, vomiting or getting their clothes dirty on vacation (it can even happen at home!), so be sure to pack an extra change of clothing in the car if needed! This should include underwear as well because accidents sometimes happen even when they aren’t travelling.


The great thing about this step is that it’s easy to do; simply put two days worth of clothes into one bag before leaving. Then, the morning after you arrive at your destination, pull out the first set of clean clothes and leave them folded in the hotel room, where they’ll stay fresh for the next day. This way, you can rest assured that if anything does happen while travelling, your child will have a new set of clothes waiting in their hotel room! Be sure to store spare clothes in a large reusable sandwich bag for easy of packing – plus you can pop dirty clothes in there to keep everything else clean.

#4 Take a tablet with for games and shows

Tablets like iPads and Kindles are great for keeping kids happy and comfy while travelling because they allow them to watch movies or play games right on the screen! If you have a tablet available, make sure it has enough battery life before leaving (don’t forget the charger) and download some of your child’s favourite shows onto it ahead of time. Consider taking something like Netflix or Disney+ with you so that if there is an internet connection at your hotel room or destination, then you can use this app to stream their favourite shows.

Keep these tips in mind when planning on taking long car rides or aeroplane trips with kids, and they won’t be unhappy at all during vacation time!

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