Why You Should Say Yes To Screen Time

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Everywhere you go, people will tell you that children don’t need tablets and you should say no to screen time. That children are lazier because of the digital age (that they created) and that they don’t have any respect because of the overexposure they get on the internet these days. There are so many negatives splashing around about social media and screen time, that there is an aggressive campaign that children should be told no if they want to use it.

Well, we don’t agree.

Children are growing up in an increasingly digital world. Tablets are the norm in education and they are defining the digital divide in K-12 schools today. The internet is a normal, everyday thing that we all rely on, and saying no to screen time is going to do your children a disservice – they won’t be prepared for high school without it. So, why should you say yes to screen time with your kids? Let’s take a look!

  1. Video Games online are actually good for the brain. There are problem solving skills, cognitive skills and design skills that children can learn when they play video games regularly. They have better dexterity and they attune to their surroundings better. All because of online gaming.
  2. It’s good for parents to have a break. With everything in the world right now, tablets and screens are an escape for kids. More than that? They’re an escape for parents. If you know that your children are comfortable on the tablet, you get five minutes to just calm, centre and rest. 
  3. You had screen time once, too. When you were a kid, you tuned in to Kenan and Kel and watched Nick JR on the weekends. You sat down to SEGA and Nintendo and enjoyed Mario in all his glory. It’s the same thing for your kids – the only difference is that today, those games are mostly online.
  4. Your kids can socialize. Being online and playing games will help children to bond and have fun, and there is nothing wrong with them playing with their friends when we would spend time on MSN after school. Nobody can deny that playing online is a bonding experience!
  5. The education is amazing. Screen time is not just for games and quizzes and art. It’s an educational experience for kids. In fact, it’s a great way for children to learn fast. There are apps that cover pretty much every single subject, and your kids can look at encyclopaedias and research articles, too. The screen time you give them doesn’t have to be about gaming, it can be about learning.

Saying no to screen time is not going to help your children to learn. In fact, it could put them at a disadvantage. Take your time with screen time and say yes more than you say no. Put on time limits and add conditions, but make sure that the answer you give your kids is a resounding YES to their continued education and fun. You’ll never regret it.

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