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While I lost a lot of myself last year, I also found a new part of myself too. From reading books (when before I never chose to pick up a book before) to new routines around moon wishes, monthly celebrations with my family and connecting to nature more than I had before. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the next steps in my life and where I want to go. After the craziness of last year I’ve felt a little lost, like i’m this new person who is raring to go but has no clarity and doesn’t know where to start.

But how do i find clarity? That’s the question I keep asking myself daily and what? What do I want to have clarity in?
Well first of all, ‘how’ isn’t something i’ve worked out yet. I have ideas like meditating and I’ve recently purchased myself a Moldavite Crystal which I now wear daily, but what, that IS something I’ve finally worked out.

The top 3 things I would really like clarity on are Work, Love and My Future and I wanted to break down what these mean below.


At first I thought I wanted clarity on my relationship with my husband, but I’ve recently realised I don’t need this at all. I know I love him and I know he loves me, however the love missing from my life is the love from MYSELF. I want clarity on how to love myself better, what I can do to work on myself and feel ‘whole’ in that area.


When it comes to work I have little to no idea what I’d like to do. I’d love more monthly Pinterest clients and I recently signed up to teaching, but is being self employed the way I want to continue? I love the freedom it gives me, the ability to go away when I want, travel and home educate my children. To have a day off, but then it also steps me from having days off because I NEED the money too. I’m not sure what I want to do, but I do know I keep dreaming of being back in meeting pods talking to other adults, working on the community and being someone other than just mum/wife.

My Future

This one is a bit broad and if i’m honest I really don’t know where to start with it at all. I want to travel the world, home educate my children, have fun and spend my days laughing. I want to make friends and talk to other adults, but right now, sitting on my sofa, typing away on my laptop, I have no idea what I REALLY want for my future and without that, I just can’t start a plan for how to get there.

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So what I’m really saying right now is that I’m a little lost. I’m stuck in a world of ‘what next’ and what should I do with my free afternoon. Last year was crazy and this year I’m a new me without a plan… But am I worried? NO! Why? Because I will work out what I want to do and it will be amazing when I do it.

Who needs clarity right now anyway?!


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