Manage your stress with these great stress-busting ideas

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We all experience stress. And when you’re a parent, all those stressful situations are often exacerbated because you have small children who need your immediate attention. Appointments to keep, home working with the kids in the background, arguments between siblings, timekeeping, lunch and dinner to prepare…it’s safe to say that stressors are everywhere. And many of us rely on certain habits to help alleviate stress and help us handle certain situations better.

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The best way to handle stress is to analyse what’s causing your stress levels to skyrocket and find ways to handle them better. Here we’ll explore some simple ways you can manage your stress levels with these great stress-busting ideas.


If you’re juggling the kids and trying to decide what’s for dinner, then heading to the gym is out of the question. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some exercise in. Exercise releases endorphins which makes you feel good and helps to alleviate stress.

A good sweat session will leave you feeling energised, refocused and ultimately, more relaxed. If getting out of the house with all the kids is stressful enough, then exercise at home. Try a workout video on YouTube and get the kids to join in!

Try some relaxation techniques

Meditation isn’t just for those fancy yoga moms you see on Instagram or those seeking a religious epiphany. Anyone can do it and it’s great for helping to manage stress and remain in control. It’s not always easy to relax when you have small children running around, but during those brief moments of calm, try focusing on your breathing, or on a mantra that gives you a positive feeling. You’ll find plenty of guidance for relaxation and meditation techniques online.

Try something you love

Sometimes you just need to take your mind off eveyrthing thats going on. For me I love to game, The Sims, Minecraft and Online Games are a great way to put my mind at ease. You can easily spend hours immersed into a game leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to get on with other tasks.

Talk to someone

Discussing your heightened levels of stress can be incredibly helpful. You could speak to a doctor if you feel you need a professional opinion, or just speak to your friends, family members or someone you trust. If your stress levels are related to something your partner could help you with, let them know you need help! Don’t suffer in silence.

Start saying “no”

Pushy parents at school, an inconsiderate boss, nagging partner, unrelenting commitments and more obligations than you can handle – it’s no way to live. We often find it difficult to say “no”, because we don’t want to come across as unhelpful or difficult. However, when you’re putting your own mental and physical wellbeing at risk, you need to learn how to say “no”.


Final thoughts…

Stress is a killer. Heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure. It also reduces the quality of your life. Don’t let stress take over your life, follow the guidance above, or speak with friends, family or a doctor for help.

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