Exploring Nature With Children – Seeds Week

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Another homeschool year has started and me and the girls were thrilled to ‘get back’ into our curriculum. For the second year running we are using Exploring Nature With Children for our nature study / science curriculum. This curriculum warms my heart, I love how it brings us all together as a family.

I’ve been very busy planning this year and have the whole of the Autumn term ready to go (now we just have to hope that it goes to plan!) With seed week coming up, I thought I’d share some of my ideas along with some of our photos from seed week last year. Exploring nature is a total joy and if you are following ENWC too, I’d love to link up with you on Instagram here –> ADisneyKindaDay

Picture shows back to home ed 2020 with a selection of books, curriculum, planning and water colours to be used during the year.

If you haven’t heard of Exploring Nature with Children before it’s a year long nature curriculum with weekly themes (and an awesome community full of ideas). Each week has an art study, poem and activities to compliment the theme. We’ve learnt about night sky, worms, winter trees, summer solstice and so much more. It’s great for any age and even at 30 years old I’ve been amazed at the new discoveries i’ve made.
If you’re interested in taking a look i’d love it if you used my affiliate link ‘Exploring Nature with Children‘ (no extra cost to you) there is a free download so you can see if it’s what you’re after. I genuinely love this curriculum for my children and I think it can do wonders for any family, so if you’re not happy to use the affiliate link just google ‘raising little shoots’ to find it, i’d hate for you to miss out!

Seeds Week – Exploring Nature With Children

For each week of the curriculum I’ve thought about questions to ask, a baking or cooking idea (often including foraging), a science experiment, activities for the week, a list of downloads or videos that may come in handy and art and music study ideas. So let’s get started with seed week!

What types of seed dispersal are there?
What is the biggest seed in the world? (Coco-de-mer)

Create a lunch of dinner based on ‘The seeds we eat’ (corn, grapes, cashews etc) which was totally inspired by Nature Studies Pinterest board


This is the biggest seed in the world!


Science Experiment
Germinating Seeds in a clear bag on the window.
This one is a simple one, but I think it really helps to bring home the ideas we teach this week. Grab a wet paper towel and place it into a ziplock bag, place seeds along one side of the paper towel in the bag and seal. Use tape to stick in the window (seeds facing you). Keep damp and observe regularly.

Take a look at different plants outside, how do they spread their seeds? Do they need help from animals?
What plant(s) do you often help spread its seeds (A great example is blowing a dandelion)
Gather different seed pods from outside and open them
Write the story of a seed and how it goes on its journey.


This weeks art study


Links to Videos or downloads
Seeing seeds disperse by explosion
Bill Nye the science guy – plants
Methods of seed disposal printable
BBC Bitesize seed dispersal

Art and Music Study
How to draw plants – great for those starting a nature journal this week
Create a picture using seeds and glue.
Oats, peas, beans music


If you’re looking for more ideas, my Nature Studies Pinterest board is full of them!

Exploring Nature With Children Sectioned Pinterest Board




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