Exploring Nature with Children Planning 2020/2021

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I’m in major planning mode now (Last year I planned out this whole Exploring nature with Children Pinterest board) and completely excited for September! I’ve been planning all of our curriculum, but especially Exploring Nature with Children which I love so much!
If you haven’t heard of Exploring Nature with Children before it’s a year long nature curriculum with weekly themes (and an awesome community full of ideas). Each week has an art study, poem and activities to compliment the theme. We’ve learnt about night sky, worms, winter trees, summer solstice and so much more. It’s great for any age and even at 30 years old I’ve been amazed at the new discoveries i’ve made.
If you’re interested in taking a look i’d love it if you used my affiliate link ‘Exploring Nature with Children‘ (no extra cost to you) there is a free download so you can see if it’s what you’re after. I genuinely love this curriculum for my children and I think it can do wonders for any family, so if you’re not happy to use the affiliate link just google ‘raising little shoots’ to find it, i’d hate for you to miss out!
Over the past academic year, something we loved about following Exploring Nature With Children was matching each weeks theme with a new recipe! We tried all sorts; Winter tree cupcakes, dirt and worms, cereal birds nests, summer solstice cake, elderflower cordial, pumpkin soup, multiple different homemade breads and homemade butters, crumble and pie. Many of these we foraged the ingredients for ourselves and absolutely loved.
This year i’ve planned out all the recipes and thought i’d share for anyone else following the curriculum and looking for somewhere to start. Some recipes are sweet (baking usually), some savoury, some foraging and some drinks! I’ll pop some pics in of our favourites from the last academic year too!
  • The seeds we eat (corn, grapes, cashews etc)
  • Mini-beast cupcakes (spiders)
  • Autumn Leaf cookies/cake or hedgehog bread
  • Edible moon phases (Oreos)
  • Autumn shortbread or pie (possibly forage for the berries)
  • Chocolate frogs in Jelly
  • Marshmallow treat trees
  • Pumpkin soup and homemade bread
  • Mushroom soup or stuffed mushrooms
  • Moss cake
  • Dried lichen – lichen pasta (forage for this)
  • Build a snack sun!
  • Poinsettia Christmas cake
  • Half boiled egg birds
  • Winter Solstice Stonehenge or yule brew or spiced pear
  • 12 days of Christmas cookies (give away in local community)
  • Sky jelly with fluffy clouds or skillet dipped snowman
  • Edible moon rocks
  • Winter tree cupcakes
  • Winter frog cup (shows how frogs survive the winter)
  • Butter cake or pancakes
  • Worms in dirt cupcakes
  • Evergreen foraged shortbread (forage for this)
  • Cereal birds nests
  • Frog Jelly or fish ponds
  • Hot cross buns or a bread loaf
  • Snail food art plates
  • Elderflower cordial (forage for this)
  • Flower food art plates
  • Dandelion cookies (forage for these)
  • Bugs on grass (celery with peanut butter, raisins, cucumber sliced into grass)
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar food art plate
  • Caterpillar food art plate
  • Ant hill cake
  • Butterfly clear lollypops
  • Honey cookies
  • Blossom popcorn or Cherry blossom mocktail
  • Honey cake or Sun bread loaf or kids sangria
  • Salad or Lemonade
  • Rainbow milk toast
  • Moth pretzels
  • Eclipse cookies or sky cupcakes
  • Senses snack or popcorn science
  • Chocolate fog pot or cucumber lily pads
I’ve created a Pinterest board with all the recipes on here (it’s separate to my ENWC weekly board which has recipes in it already) Please note that about 2 recipes are the alcoholic version, so will need adapting, but they looked easy to adapt so I included them!

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