Summer Body Confidence – Why you deserve it and how to get it! #ad

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Summer body confidence is something we all want, but most of us struggle with. From tanned legs to skinny arms, there are so many ways you can get summer ready, so here are my top summer body confidence tips and why you need them!


Why you deserve it

You are amazing. You really are and you deserve to love your body. A wise friend once told me to ‘buy clothing to fit your body and not change your body to fit your clothes‘. This one sentence really changed my outlook on life, I went from walking into changing rooms and feeling sad about my body to wearing clothes that fit me well and making healthier choice because I wanted to!

We deserve to love our bodies, we deserve the confidence that comes with that and over all we deserve to be happy. But without limiting what we eat or running 7 miles a day, what other small steps can we make that will have big summer body confidence changes?


A really simple one to start, but one I personally overlooked for a very long time. Grab that moisturiser and get your skin out. Whether you want to start of with something that gives you a gradual tan or just a plain moisturiser that will make you feel great, take the time to love your body and make this small change each day.


New Clothes

When was the last time you treated yourself to new clothes? A while ago?! Then now is the time to do it again. Look for clothes that suit your body shape, from wrap dresses to flowing trousers there is really something for all. Standing in that dressing room in clothes that feel comfortable and fit well will make you feel great and you can be sure you confidence in your new outfit will make you shine at the beach!

Get your checks

A taboo subject for some but it really shouldn’t be. Woman’s health is so important, from smear checks to STD tests, start your summer right by getting your body checked out. An annual check up takes so little time and can make a huge difference to how you feel (and with your new confidence look) for the whole summer. You can get great discounts on woman’s health checks so there really is no reason to skip this one!



Something small that packs a big punch! Accessories mean everything to an outfit. A nice pair of shoes, a new bag or even just a perfect lipstick can make a huge difference to your confidence and how your body shines. Take your spare change and head to town, treat yourself to something nice.

I find a red lipstick makes a huge difference to how I feel and pairing that with some beautiful sunnies… BAM I feel glam!


What are your top tips for getting summer body confident? Is there anything I’ve missed? Leave me a comment below.


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  1. Some ready good tips, and after the sun today meaning I got my arms out and felt a bit wobbly (in more ways that one!) I really needed to read this today!

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