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As a child I always wanted a bed with a slide, it was a dream of mine, but not something that ever happened due to sharing with a room my sister. When I had my first daughter, I always said I’d get her a slide bed, so back in 2017 I changed the girls bedroom around and a slide bed is just what they got! I’m not sure who was more excited… me or them! However it’s 2020 now and that means it’s been a good 3 years since i’ve changed their bedroom around. At 5 and almost 7 they’ve changed so much and that toddler bedroom with a big girl bed is a little out of date now!

So I started looking this week at new ideas. I want to change up their room by getting new furniture, lighting and wallpaper. The room still needs to be great for kids to play in – they’re both still young and love to play – but it also needs to give that slightly more grown up feel to it.

With two children that are very different, I have to say that this is a bit of a task! Pink or Blue, Minecraft or Dinosaurs, there are so many possibilities. I thought i’d share today the ideas I have on creating them a new room, but keeping that amazing bed that I so longed to have myself with a slide that they use all the time!


The main thing I want to do with lighting is go for string lighting. They will fit easily in most places and can light up the den under the bed too. They are cheap and easy to replace if the girls have an accident and I have to say these little clouds look adorable – not too young or too old.


I’d also like to get the girls walls redone. The wallpaper we have is very old fashioned and bubbly, but when I think about my nanny and grandad replacing theirs, it just fills me with dread! Instead I’ve been looking at the cost of wallpapering a bedroom, getting someone to come in and do it for me, so I don’t need to spend days and days.

For wallpaper choice i want to follow the unicorn and cloud theme! So this rainbow cloud wallpaper is absolutely perfect and will add a great pop to their room.


First of all Naminé need a bed, well one that she can call her own anyway. I love this simple bed from ikea, it’s really easy to change up and she can have it high or low. The fact the colours are plain means it can grow with her in the future when we change up her room too.

For storage, it has to be the trusty Ikea Kallax, we have a few of these in our home already and they are perfect for so many things. These will keep the girls clothes and toys organised and give a great side to put things like books and lamps too.


For bedding the girls will both love rainbow unicorn sheets (I mean who wouldn’t). A few sets of sheets each will easily make the room and give me enough for washing day too.

Add a unicorn beanbag chair each and a couple of cozy pillows and they will have a great space to rest and relax in.

*This is a collaborative post*

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