Shaving my hair off for charity – Using hair extensions #ad

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Back in 2012, I was ready for a change. I wanted to do something nice for charity and change my hair up for the future too. I set up a just giving page and began my journey into shaving my hair off for charity, I dyed my hair in rainbow colours and got ready to say goodbye! The event itself went really well and I raised £150 for my local youth group. It was a group I was passionate about and gave disadvantaged children a safe and fun place to thrive.

What I hadn’t realised when I set this up was that I had finally fallen pregnant with Kairi. So of course not long after shaving all my hair off, the pregnancy hormones hit and what grew back was a disaster! This long beautiful hair I had wished for, had quickly turned into this frizzy afro looking mess! I searched the internet for wigs to wear and came up with both a curly and straight haired version that I adored.

I tested the wigs out for a few weeks and although they looked amazing, the heat was hard to deal with. It wasn’t long however, until my hair was long enough for extensions, it wasn’t something I had thought about at the time, but looking back I wish I had filled in that gap with a great set of human hair extensions made from best virgin hair. For people with short hair – who wish to have long – they are such a great idea. You can make them more permanent with micro ring extensions or try out clip in extensions so you can change your look up whenever you like.

Extensions gave me the freedom to have the hair I want, but also the ability to just leave my hair to ‘rest’ on the weekends. They made my hair low maintenance and were so simple to use too.

If you’d like to see a video of me shaving my hair off for charity, it can be found here:

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