What do I need to take professional family photos at home? #ad

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It’s 2020 now and smartphone technology is amazing. With my iPhone 11 I can take better photos than ever before. From pictures at home of the girls playing, to those on holiday of stunning landmarks or amazing memories, there are just so many fantastic opportunities to grab an amazing photo.

Something I’ve noticed over the years though, is that although I have all of these amazing memories, what I don’t have are those professional photos of the girls as they grow up. Being a home educated family, we don’t get a letter about school photos once a year and the price of a professional photographer is just out of our budget.

So this year I decided to get these memories by myself. I’m pretty great with my phone camera now and have taken plenty of stunning photos over the last year. So it’s time to expand my kit and get together everything I need to make that epic photo!

What do I need to take professional family photos at home?

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A great tripod with a phone holder attachment is perfect for taking professional looking shots. The tripod allows you to set the scene and take photos that are perfectly still. This also allows you to pop in and out of the pictures as you wish and snap away without having to worry about the scene changing.



One of the most important parts of a professional photo is the backdrop. The backdrop can really make or break a photo. Something too dark or cluttered takes away from the subjects in the photo. Grabbing a great light and airy feel durable vinyl backdrop will give you the perfect feel to your professional family photo.



This is a simple one and goes with the backdrop above, but to create a great picture, you need great flooring too. Use a simple clean blanket, rug or another vinyl backdrop.


Bluetooth Shutter Button

If you’re looking to get into some of the photos yourself, you can set up the scene and use a bluetooth shutter button to take the photo. I brought mine a few years ago now and still use it every single time I need to take pictures of myself. It’s easy to mess around in front of the camera without feeling awkward and therefore end up with pictures that look natural and fun.


New outfits

Okay, this one isn’t completely necessary, but new outfits for all involved make everyone feel great and bring out those beaming smiles!

What top tips do you have for taking photos? Check out my other photography post here!


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