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Being Hypermobile, I spend a great deal of my life trying to balance life with pain. Some days I can walk to the shops and be fine, while others, I can barely make it down the stairs or stand at the sink to wash up. The main problem with my pain, is that I don’t know when it is going to flare up. I can be fine for a week and then out of nowhere I will be in agony, unable to even lay comfortably in bed. Because of this, taking painkillers rarely works for me, I need ways to prevent the pain, rather than try to mask it after it appears.

FootSoothers have realised their Edison XXII Elite Podiatry. These insoles help with flat feet, fallen arches, runner’s knee, shin splints and achilles tendinitis. FootSoothers Shoe orthotic insoles relieves metatarsal arch & heel pain, corrects abnormal walking patterns allowing you to reach your natural gait; relieves metatarsalgia: ball of foot pain; helps with knee pain, plantar fasciitis resulting in lower back pain relief & Foot Care. Sounds perfect! So when they got in contact, I just knew I had to try a pair.

FootSoothers have an antibacterial deluxe top layer and a shock absorbing heel cup. As someone who walks with a heavy step, the shock absorbing really spoke to me! Plus who doesn’t want an antibacterial layer when it comes to their feet. My concern though was whether of not these would fit in my shoe and if they did, would I feel restricted at all?

I shouldn’t have worried though, as soon as I saw the packet, I noticed the sleek design of the insoles. The 3/4 form factor means that the Edison XXII Elite Podiatry fit perfectly in my shoes. I don’t feel restricted and the comfort was felt almost instant. Walking in the FootSoothers was a dream, I often feel pain as I walk down a hill, but with the extra arch support, I had nothing to worry about.

See the different in a shoe shape with and without them! Now I can wear shoes that match my outfit and have support.

I’ve tried the FootSoothers in a few different situations now, walking up and down hills, a longer day around town and a quick stroll through the park. I love how they support me on every surface and even though my Hypermobilty obviously wont go away, I can walk more than my usual 4000 steps before I’m in pain.

As we were off on holiday shortly, I couldn’t wait to take them with me to Disney and have them there every step of the way (Yes, I did just make a foot joke!) The benefit of having them in a day walking around the parks was extraordinary, while I can usually walk 4000 steps I could almost double that without pain. After a day of 20,000 steps, although I was in pain, it really wasn’t as bad as it usually is!

FootSoothers come in 5 different sizes and fit anyone from a UK size 3 to a 13! They are the UK’s leading designers & manufactures of plantar fasciitis insoles and pride themselves on high quality. (Which you can see from the moment you open the package)

If you are looking for foot support, then I recommend going and checking out the Edison XXII Elite Podiatry.


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