The NEW 4 week challenge

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That’s a wrap! I’ve can’t believe it, but I’ve finally completed the 4 week challenge. I’ve learnt a lot over the past 4 weeks there are things I enjoyed and things I definitely want to change. The best thing is, i’ll be doing it again!


The 4 week challenge

The 4 week challenge allows you to earn a maximum of 10 points a day, you earn under 5 categories: 3 are things you want to change/work on and two to keep you going (daily accountability and daily challenge – I’ll be changing one of these!). For each category you complete each day, you get two points, for something you tried to complete but didn’t quite manage, you get 1 point. You set yourself a total e.g. 250 points and when you hit that you buy yourself a prize. (You can do smaller 50 point prizes if you usually slip off the wheel much quicker!)


My NEW 4 week challenge

For my 4 week challenge, the 3 chosen areas I’ll be working on each day are:

1. Limiting mobile screen time – specifically Facebook. I’ll be keeping up with this one this time, but doing OVERALL screen time rather than just facebook. I managed to do only 30 minutes facebook a day, so now I’m going to limit just 2 hours of phone time a day (which sounds a lot!) 2 hours and under = 2 points, under 3 hours 1 point.

2. Walking – I want to walk either 5000 steps or for 150+ mins a week.

3. Calorie Goal – for weight-loss- I’m on week 5 of the NHS weight-loss programme now and to be honest I’m loving it. I’m losing weight easily every week, i’m more healthy AND my clothes fit better. I’ll be continuing with this.

My prize total was FAR to high last time I aimed to get 250/280 points which didn’t leave much room for bad days etc, so this time i’m going for a price as 150. I totalled just under 150 this time, BUT the challenge will be easier now.

My prize this time will be something Disney related like new ears or a pin flag before I go.

The other two aspects are:

Journaling – I will be keeping up with this each day. It’s 2 points for doing it, 0 if you don’t. It’s all or nothing with this one.

Me time – This is what I’m changing the challenge too. Each day I need to give myself 30 mins me time. It can be a long soak, watching YouTube, a movie evening with the kids, just anything to rest and take care of myself.


Ideas for your 4 week challenge

1. Food (diet/meal plan)

2. Work (more or less)

3. Water intake

4. Cleaning challenge

5. Journaling

6. Self care time

7. Exercise (x mins a day)

8. Finance goal (£x a day)

9. Sleep (wake earlier/ bed earlier)

10. Home declutter

11. Start walking

There are so many possibilities!



Set your goal points for each of your 5 categories. Make sure you don’t plan on changing them in the future. They need to be hard, but not so hard that you set yourself up to fail.

Track in your journal like this:

Week 3 Day 6 – Sunday

Daily Points 5/10            Monthly Points 112/200


1 – 0  /  2 – 2  / 3 – 1  / 4 – 2 / 5 – 2 (instead of numbers you could use initials like C for calories, ST for screen time etc)



If you are having a bad mental health day, in too much pain or feel ill, STOP!

You get the full 10 points for recognising that your body NEEDS a break. There’s no need to cheat, you are only cheating yourself, so if you need a break, take it!



That’s it! I’m ready to start the NEW 4-week challenge. If you are doing the NEW 4 week challenge, I’d love to know! Pop me a comment below and let me know what you are working on.

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