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25 Questions for those crazy about Disney!

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I love meeting people who love Disney too. Finding out all about their favourite character, what they collect or if they prefer the history to the films. So I’ve rounded up 25 Disney themed questions for those that love Disney!


1. Let’s start simple… Mickey or Minnie?

Mickey, no wait, Minnie, no wait, Mickey… erm that’s really hard but if I had to chose one it would have to be Mickey Mouse.

2. Who is your favourite Disney character?

Can it really be anyone other than the main main himself Mickey Mouse? He’s absolutely adorable and of course, ‘it all started with a mouse’ so how could it be anyone else?!

3. Which Disney character would be your best friend?

Remy! He can help me cook the most amazing foods in the day and do his own thing in the evening! Sounds perfect to me.

4. What Disney animal would you have as a pet?

One that doesn’t come up usually I expect. But it has to be Bolt! I love Bolt. The way he wants to protect Penny and believes he has superpowers is adorable!

5. Who is your favourite Disney Princess or Prince?

Shock-Horror but I’m really not a Disney Princess fan. It’s villains side for me. However if I had to pick one I’d say Cinderella, because my little sister and my girls both love her so much. Also I love all the remakes that have been made on her story, especially as the world has learnt that no girls aren’t all damsels in distress!

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6. Who is your favourite Disney side-kick?

Tink! I loved Peter Pan as a child and even as I’ve grown up, but now as an adult I love to watch Tinkerbell with my girls. She has to be the best sidekick, plus… she is green! (and thats the best colour!)

7. What is your favourite Disney song?

Magic Everywhere. I really miss the old Disney parade song. It was so much fun to sing along and even now when I hear it, I get the Disney tingles!

8. Have you ever been to a Disney park?

Yes, this trip coming up is actually my 20th. I feel so lucky that mum took us away to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris so much when we were younger and that I have this passion for Disney and travel that I can share with my girls too.

10. Who is your favourite Disney villain?

Maleficent! Naminé was actually going to be called Maleficent. But she’s my favourite not because of Sleeping Beauty, but because of the film based on Maleficent. I love the story behind her and why she is the way she is. She is also amazing in Once Upon a Time too.

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11. Do you collect anything Disney related?

I love Disney parks ears! I’ve just ordered my first custom ones and I’m SO excited! I also love to collect Disney glasses. We have so many and as we don’t drink hot drinks, they are better than mugs.

Oh wait, I also collect pins, carrier bags and park maps too!

12. What’s your favourite small Disney themed biz/Etsy store?

There are so many I love but Magic Dreams Wishes is currently making me the most amazing pair of Disney ears!

13. What Disney film would you star in if you could?

Ratatouille! I love Remy and I also love food! I’d love to explore France and be controlled by Remy. I’d create amazing dishes and remind people that ‘anyone can cook’.

14. What is the first Disney film you watched (and when)?

It was Aladdin, but I’m not sure how old I was at the time. I know I was little though and I owned it on VHS!

15. Chose one! Disney films, Disney characters, Disney parks or Disney history?

For me it has to be Disney history (especially related to the parks). I love the secrets and finding out information about Walt. I’d love to visit his home one day and Disneyland California.

16. What Disney Channel programme do/did you love to watch?

I used to love 101 Dalmatians, Lizzie Mcguire and That’s So Raven. We only used to have the Disney channel at Christmas each year, but it was a treat we absolutely loved and would binge as much as we could!

17. If you could work at Disney and do any job, what would you do?

I’d be part of the Christmas decorating team. It takes all year to decorate those amazing trees and as I love Christmas I would completely be in my element.

Though if I’m honest, I’d do anything if it meant working for Disney!

18. Name one Disney movie that you have watched at least 10 times?

Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast. This was one of Kairi’s favourites when she was little. Closely followed by Naminé as Kairi started to grow out of it. We’ve watched it many time and I love it so much each time.

19. If Disney announced they were building a park in your local city, what would you do?

Scream, run around, start saving every penny I could and then work out how to work there and still home educate the girls!

20. Do you have a favourite Disney Classic?

It’s either Peter Pan or 101 Dalmatians – depending on when you are asking! How can you choose one though? The Disney classics are where it all started!

21. What is your favourite Pixar Film?

I love UP! It’s such a wonderful film. I love how Carl and Ellie love each other, I share their pain, sadness and joy. I also love the animals in it and the bright colours too. It’s such a great film.

22. Do you have a favourite Disney quote?

I love so many Walt quotes (yes, even the ones that aren’t originally from Walt himself.) But my favourite quote has to be from Peter Pan ‘to live would be an awfully big adventure’. This is kind of how I love to live my life, have the adventure in living and worry about other things later!

23. What is your favourite theme park or attraction?

If we’re talking about Walt Disney World then i’d have to say Epcot and Journey into your imagination with Figment! However if we’re talking about Disneyland Paris I absolutely love Ratatouille in Walt Disney Studios.

24. Which Disney song is the one that always gets stuck in your head?

Sorry in advance! But It’s a small world after all! It’s a smallll smalllll worlddddddd!

25. Can you tell us anything else about you and Disney?

I love Disney. I love helping parents plan Disney holidays. I love sharing the parks with my kids. I love the Disney tips, Disney secrets and Disney hacks. The video games and the old-school episodes too!

I guess the one thing about me and Disney would be that our children are named Kairi and Naminé out of the Disney game Kingdom Hearts!



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