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Go Find It and Go Find It Too – Travel Game Review

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15We love to explore. If we are not off on holiday, we are out for the day, on a train or even just a trip to the park. However as a mum of two, I know I need to be prepared when it comes to being outside. Not only do I need to worry about snacks and remembering where places to fill up our water bottles are, but I need to have back up ideas to keep the girls occupied too, because when we are out, there is always a chance for delays and downtime where there is nothing to do.

We’ve played eye-spy about 9372739473 times now (okay, maybe not that much, but it sure feels like it!) so I wanted to find a new game to play on the go. However this new game needed to be ultra-portable… I hate carrying things! So I came across Go Find It and Go Find It Too on Amazon! They are the size of a pack of cards and come in their own fabric cases – perfect from being able to take out in my pocket! So I purchased them both and excitedly waited for delivery.

Go Find It and Go Find It Too

The Go find It games are a deck of 33 cards. There are two games, Go Find It and Go Find It Too, I purchased both and put them together in the same bag. So we have a deck of 64 cards to draw from. Each game can last from 2 minutes to the whole day, so it’s perfect for pulling out of your pocket at any time.

Go Find It and Go Find It Too

There are multiple games you can play and of course you can make up your own too. The base game is where you draw a card and find something that represents it.


Red – a poppy

Wet – a puddle

Rough – a stone

Kids have plenty of fun using their imagination and can rack up points or race to be the first to find something.

Go Find It and Go Find It Too

We only have a few very simple rules:

  1. Nothing alive – do take bugs, or pick flowers
  2. Nothing dangerous or yuck! – no touching food, fag butts or broken glass!

We’ve played the game at the local park, at multiple train stations, while waiting for the bus, in a village hall, at Butlins and so many other places.

Go Find It and Go Find It Too

If we can’t move about (like waiting for the bus) we play by pointing out what we can see, no touching.

Both games currently retail on amazon at £8.50 each and they are so much fun.

Go Find It and Go Find It Too

You can grab them here using our affiliate links:

*This post is not an Ad! We just love Go Find It and Go Find It Too so much that I had to share a post about it!


The perfect travel game! Go Find It and Go Find It Too!

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