What to Pack For Disneyland Paris - 5 Essentials

What to Pack For Disneyland Paris – 5 Essentials

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Before we went to Disneyland Paris I was one of those people that thought “It will be fine – we wont need to take much”. How wrong I was.
There was just SO much to consider such as what if our shoes get wet and we need a spare? How will we charge everything? How am I going to bring back all the amazing things I want to treat myself too?!
Going on holiday to Disneyland Paris didn’t really feel the same as planning a relaxing holiday on a beach somewhere – it felt like a military operation at times!

So to try and help you be a little more prepared, here’s my list of the 5 essentials I think you should pack for Disneyland Paris and why.

Comfy Shoes

I seriously underestimated how much walking we would be doing. We did so much walking my smart watch thought something was wrong.
I knew it would be a lot but it ended up being SO much more than that. We took with us two pairs of comfy trainers.
That way, if one pair does start giving you grief after a day you have another pair to change into.
It’s also handy if it starts raining too as you will have a spare dry pair of shoes.


Snack Packs

The snacks inside Disneyland Paris are beautiful – but if you are there for more than a couple of days it can get expensive pretty quickly buying them everyday (especially if you have family with you!).
We made snack packs to take in with us everyday. They included brioche, Crispy Rolls, Cereal bars and some biscuits. We just restocked them every morning and snacked on them throughout the day.
As we were staying in one of the Disney hotels without a fridge it was virtually impossible to take any fruit or fresh things with you.


Breakfast Snack

We had breakfast included in our Disney package however it was a counter service breakfast rather than a sit down breakfast.
I knew my toddler wouldn’t be happy with a bread roll for breakfast so instead we took some porridge pots with us (The ones just just add boiling water too).
We all had one first thing in the morning in the hotel before we left for Early Magic Hours to keep us going until mid morning.
Around 10:30 we then went for a full breakfast at Annettes diner. We topped up our breakfast voucher so paid roughly €6.50 for 3 full breakfast (It was amazing – it including pancakes!).


Extension cable

We found that there was limited plug sockets in our room and with the number of devices that would need charging it was going to cost a small fortune buying travel adapters for everything.
Instead, we bought one travel adapter and then plugged a 4 socket extension cable into it. It worked a treat!

5 things I always take to Disneyland Paris!


If you are staying in a Disney Hotel you will be given a credit card sized plastic pass for everyone in your party.
These passes hold all the information about your hotel, your food plan and any extras you might have pre-booked.
You have to scan your passes whenever you come and go between the parks and if you are having a pre-booked meal somewhere.
I bought a lanyard whilst we were there and it saved so much time – I didn’t have to search around my bag or pockets – I simply scanned them and off we went.
It also meant I knew exactly where the passes were all the time.


These are just some of the tips I picked up before we went that not only saved us time, it also saved us some pennies (that I then used to purchase the most gigantic stitch!).
It can definitely feel like a military operation but hopefully I have given you a bit more of an insight into some extra things to pack for Disneyland Paris that might make your stay a little less stressful.


What to Pack For Disneyland Paris - 5 Essentials

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