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Whenever we go away I’m always looking for ways to make packing easier (for both the way out and the return!) With two kids and a husband, who just chucks 3 t-shirts into a bag, I’m always the one left working out how to get everything go fit and what the best way to keep things separate is.

In recent years I’ve always ended up packing the girls clothes into ziplock food bags. It’s much easier to unpack once we arrive at our destination and it means each outfit is separated. The problem is, these bags really aren’t great for the environment and as frequent travellers we do use a lot of them. They also only come in one size so it’s not good for my clothes or other items like shoes, sun cream or toiletries. So when Beautify offered me the chance to try out their Beautify Packing Organisers, I jumped at the chance.

Beautify Packing Organisers

The Beautify luggage organisers come in a set of 7 individual polyester organisers. They have a luxurious feeling to them and are complete in silver and with a beautiful rose gold zip. If you love to organise your holiday then these really are the perfect product to make your packing easier. The 7 different shape and size bags allow you to have the freedom to arrange your items by day, by clothing type or by category.


One of my favourite things about the Beautify Packing Organisers is that once you arrive at your can just grab the cubes out of your case and pop them into the relevant draws, shelves or bathroom! It makes unpacking at the other end so fast so you can be at the pool in no time!


Beautify Packing Organisers


The multiple sizes of the Beautify Packing Organisers is a great feature. I could easily fit in a few pairs of shoes in one and use the 3 ‘netted’ bags for mine and the girls clothes. That leaves the other 3 bags for things like toiletries, straighteners and of course Disney ears!

As someone who loves to travel very light, I love the smaller more compact bags, these mean I can just as easily pop them into my backpack on trips when we are travelling far lighter, still being as organised but leaving the suitcase behind!

If you are looking to get your own packing cubes, you can grab them here: Beautify luggage organisers


beautify luggage organisers


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If you are looking for a new way of packing that will save you time and keep your luggage organised then these Beautify Packing Organisers are exactly what you need!

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