Updating your front room and giving it that fresh feeling #ad

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We’ve lived here almost 4 years now and the house is starting to look a little run down. The paint is peeling off the walls due to not having heating for so long, the sofa needs a new throw and to be honest a new carpet would be amazing!

As a family of 4 who are living in a rented house, I feel we are really limited to what we can do. The last time we redecorated, we painted and had to use a light colour (and cream just wasn’t what we wanted!). We choose a light grey wall and decided to pair that with a black thick rug to cover the horrible old carpet that was in the property and although it looked nice, that style dates fast. Really fast.

Updating your front room and giving it that fresh feeling #ad

This time however I’d love to do something fresh, I’ve been looking online for ideas and would love to go for an off white to create a wide open space and take away the net curtains to really draw in the natural light.  I’ve written about giving your home a more luxurious feeling before, but this time I wanted to put it into practice for our home too.

We are going to be finally replacing the carpets, so this time I would love to go for a wood wash type of floor board, a light brown would be amazing, however it would be pretty cold in the winter, so I’d pair it with a beautiful stone grey rug (because I still love a bit of grey!)

For storage I would keep the amazing Ikea Kallax that we have and grab another unit to compliment them, IKEA customer services have always been amazing and the furniture is always great quality, so it seams like the best place to order from. Plus the fact that the boxed on the Kallax are interchangeable means that if they get battered from the girls, they are easy to replace and don’t end up costing us the price of a whole new unit!

I’ll also be looking at all these little extras, things like cushions, lamps and photos. I want to keep the fresh theme, but still bring out the homely feel so I’ll be purchasing a few slightly sparkly photo frames to pop in pictures of the girls. I’ll also be looking for a tall lamp too. A lamp is something we never end up purchasing but in evenings when we need a little light, but not too much I know it would be perfect and really help with the height part of the decor.

This time I’ll be going for bold cushions, I want a few statement colours that really pull your gaze to the sofa, making it the cozy and homely focus of the room. I love the cushions in the image at the top of the post, they do exactly what I’m after and are really what this room needs.

I can’t wait to get started on this project! I’m sure my husband will be reading this post and thinking oh-no, not again! But honestly a newly decorated room really does help to put back the love and pride into your home that you slowly lose over the years.


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