Preparing to visit Disneyland Paris when you're disabled #ad

Preparing to visit Disneyland Paris when you’re disabled #ad

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A few weeks ago we had an amazing day trip out, the girls. We had so much fun and I came home excited to enjoy the summer ahead and our holiday! Sadly the extra walking and the fact I slipped over has really affected my Hypermobilty recently. Over the past two weeks I’ve spent a lot of time on my crutches and in pain and walking any distance further than the local shop has been really hard. It’s something I know I have to live with, but that doesn’t make it any easier, so today I wanted to talk to you all about how you can prepare to visit Disneyland Paris when you are disabled.

We’ve been talking this week a lot about our upcoming holiday to Disneyland Paris. We are very excited to be counting down, but as a family with two young children, I know it will not only involve a lot of walking, but will be very hands on too. Fortunately we are going as a group of 10 so have 6 adults vs the 4 children, giving me a chance to keep my hands on my crutches and avoid the tremendous pain that will come with walking around unsupported.

But there is something amazing about Disney and how they support those with disabilities, making sure they can also have a magical experience. Did you know that Disneyland Paris offer access passes for those with Disabilities (*Proof of your disability like DLA letter, Doctors letter or Blue Badge is needed – This changes from time to time, so check the website for the latest information). These passes allow you to avoid standing in queues, so for those, like me, with reduced mobility we can still enjoy our magical trip just with hopefully less pain!

Preparing to visit Disneyland Paris when you're disabled #ad

Now these passes don’t allow you to ‘skip’ the line as people often suggest, in the past I have waited far longer for my turn on the ride as only a certain amount of people with passes can be on each ride at a time. But skipping the line is not why we use the pass, we use the pass because it (mostly) gives you a place to sit next to the ride while waiting for your turn and this can be a huge pain saver.

However if you don’t have the right documents to head to city hall and get yourself a very helpful green pass, you can always think about hiring a wheelchair once there too (I do recommend purchasing one before you go from somewhere like Fenetic Wellbeing to avoid pain and disappointment once there).

The other option is to see if you can get an orange pass from City Hall which will give you a return time to come back later, it doesn’t work the same as the Green pass that I mentioned above, but it does mean that you are able to rest outside before your next ride slot. This pass is also great for those with temporary disabilities and those that are pregnant too (don’t forget to bring your maternity notes).

The green pass also allows you to access a roped off area for the parades and fireworks meaning that if you are in a wheelchair you will still likely be able to see as you won’t have people standing in front of you, just head to the cast member and show them your pass.

I hope this helps and you have the most magical trip!


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