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A first timers perfect funny day at Disneyland Paris

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This week we have Brazen Mummy with her seriously funny perfect day at Disneyland Paris, I loved reading this and had plenty of giggles! Check it out!


First things first, what time are you waking up, how and where are you?

Ooh, let’s go with Paris in the spring; sounds romantic. Other than the dude with the big ears (the mouse, not the husband) and the fact we’ll have a toddler in tow…

At home I wake up at 5am to write before I’m on mum duty, and I love that golden time when my creative brain is alive and full of fire. So I’ll keep it up in Disneyland. But I want coffee! And lots of it. And it would be rude not to have a croissant. Room service!

My husband, little boy and I are staying in Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, because I fancy the look of that cowboy theme. Toy Story! Do I get to be Woody? From outside it looks a bit like a country and western movie set. Cooool.


Who is with you and are you a planner?

My husband and little boy are with me. Oh no – we’re not planners. We just like to wing it!



Now it’s breakfast time, what are you eating?

Well I might have had my first breakfast at 5am, but by 9am I’ll be starving for my second! Let’s make it a leisurely one at The Chuck Wagon Cafe, because a buffet breakfast is our favourite thing.


Okay, so it’s time to head off to the parks, which one are you heading to and how are you getting there? Are you doing anything on the way?

When we’re done we’ll saddle up our horses and trot on over to Disneyland Park. No time to waste!


You’re in! Whats the first thing you do?

Tie up our cowboy horses and grab a nice cuppa. We’ve had a hard journey.


Whats on your hit list for the morning?

We’ll go for a nice sail around “It’s a Small World”, soaking up the musical adventures. Then why not check out Dumbo’s circus train ride. Ooh, this is fun!



It’s lunch time where are you eating and what are you ordering?

What, it’s time to eat again? Oh, go on then. Let’s have a quick chicken and chips Au Chalet de la Marionnette, Pinocchio style. Did I say chips? Err, I meant salad. I’m not lying. Hey, what’s happening to my nose…


Whats on the plan for the afternoon?

We ought to have a bit more fun before our next meal – it’s only polite. So we’ll go and meet Woody, then head to watch Disney Stars on Parade. Can’t wait to see Aladdin and Princess Jasmine rocking the magic carpet.


What Disney snack are you getting to get rid of the 3pm twangs?

We’ll grab some donuts from Cookie Kitchen, of course. It’s hungry work all this fun.


The parade has been, night is falling, what MUST you get a picture of in the dark?

Ooh, so it’s getting dark. No one will believe we came to Disneyland Paris if we don’t get a snap of the castle all beautifully lit up. It’s truly magical.



Whats on your evening plans?

Well that was exhausting. Better stop for some tea. I vote for Captain Jack’s Pirate Restaurant, where the theme is as Caribbean as the pirates. Shiver me timbers, gimme some o’ that plantain.

Now we’d better catch the illuminations and get this toddler home to his cowhide covered bed. When he’s nodded off we can order room service drinks. What, no balcony? We’ll have to hang out in the en suite with our Margaritas. Shh, don’t wake the child. It’s your turn it sit on the bath mat.


What did you buy today?

Whilst we’re living it large in the bathroom, we unpack our shopping. We’ve bought our own body weight in sweets from Boardwalk Candy Palace. We’ll have to scoff it all before we leave, otherwise we’ll have to pay for another plane seat.


Whats the last thing you do before you say goodnight?

So the last thing we do before we say goodnight is play tug of war with a large box of marshmallows before one of us falls off the toilet seat and knocks over a very expensive cocktail. Whose foolish idea was this anyway? It’s way past my bedtime.


Hey, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m Brazen Mummy, writer and blogger on my website Brazen Mummy Writes.

As you can probably tell from my unlikely itinerary, I’ve never actually been to Disneyland Paris. I just had to wing it; a bit like life and a whole lot like motherhood. I’m just making it up as I go along – but I kind of think that’s ok.

I’m mum to an adorably cheeky toddler, wife to the most patient man who ever lived, and when I’m not busy mumming I try my damndest to write rom com novels. It’s a slow process, but I’ll get there one day! In the meantime I’m busy sharing my journey with my readers, as honestly as I can, in the hope it will make their own struggles feel just a little bit more normal. Because it’s good to be brazen!

If you want to know more about my clueless Weetabix splattered ride, my rants about those cringey toddler groups or my weird tips on surviving tantrums, I’d love it if you’d check out my blog:


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So come on, what are you waiting for; jump on the Brazen Mummy train. Because girl, we need you. Don’t make us do this alone!


A seriously funny first time visit to Disneyland Paris! Jump in for the wild ride! #disney #disneylandparis #firsttimer

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