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The holidays are coming again and soon there will be kids everywhere saying, ‘i’m bored’! As a mother of two i’m already putting together a whole list of activities to keep the kids occupied, from crafts (that we all hate doing) to expensive days out, I really wanted to find something to keep the kids busy at home or even on a picnic at the local park, so when I was contacted and asked to review Uncle Bubble Mega Loop, I jumped at the chance!

The Uncle Bubble Mega Loop claims to make amazing bubbles ‘bigger than you’, the kit comes with everything you need and is portable too, so it sounded exactly what I was after!

Our kit arrived and we took it all out of the box, within a few short minutes I had put the mega loop together and blown up the bubble ring to hold the liquid (which I can only describe as an inflatable paddling pool without the middle!) and just like that we were ready to go!

We headed out to the local park, we wanted to have a go with lots of room to run and play, we mixed up the water with the solution provided and filled the ring, time to test! The girls picked up the handle of the loop and started to make bubbles. First of all making huge bubbles in the air and then moving on to large bubbles with them inside! It was amazing to see how excited they were and even mummy had plenty of fun too!

The great thing about the mega loop bubble wand is that it’s really light and easy for the kids to handle alone, so if I wanted to sit down or get some work done, I could have. The mega loop caused lots of fun at the park, with kids and adults all coming over to watch and join in too! It was great to see the girls making new friend while sharing their new toy and it even opened adult conversation for me! 10/10 mega loop! We spent ages making bubble doughnuts, mega bubbles and bubble tunnels!

At the end of play time, I was very happy to see just how easy the mega loop was to put away, we had used all of the solution we put out, so just deflated the ring and took the wand apart. The ring then hung outside on the line to dry just like we would with the paddling pool. Perfect!

We had so much fun with the Uncle Bubble Mega Loop and can’t wait for some nice weather to get back out and take it to the park again (although, we might get it out in the garden before then!)


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