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Tesalate Towel Review – A sand-free experience #Ad

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I love going on holiday, the sun, the sea but eugh not the sand! I really do love to jump in the pool or paddle in the sea but I hate the sand that comes with it. There is nothing worse that having to get up twenty times to shake the sand off your towel and getting it all stuck to your back as you sunbathe.

But summer is on the way and it won’t be long until holiday season is in full swing. The girls are already asking about when their next trip to the beach is, so I wanted to be prepared with a solution to my sand problem! I contacted Tesalate and asked them if I could try out their amazing towels and they sent me one out to try.


Tesalate Towel


What is Tesalate?

Tesalate sand-free beach towel is a sand-free, ultra absorbent, rapid-dry, compact and light beach towel! It lightweight but large and can hold up to a litre of water!

Tesalate towels come in many stunning patterns and colours and are perfect for not only the beach, but the pool, gym and even yoga too.
After going home with a wet, heavy and horribly sandy towel from the beach, friends Jacky Lam and Volkan Ozbek spent 18 months researching, designing and coming up with a new towel that not only performed better, but looked stunning too. They created Tesalate and started off selling it at a local market.


Tesalate Towel


Tesalate Review

As soon as I opened my Tesalate package, I could see the love and attention that goes into each product. My towel had not only been carefully folded, but carefully wrapped too. Each towel comes in its own branded black Tesalate bag with a card telling you all about it.

Once I had my towel out of the packing, I couldn’t decide what I loved more:

the fact it was so bright and colourful – Tesalate towels are clearly made to be shown off and loved

the little hook to hang it up

or the fact that it was clearly the most compact towel I’d ever owned and meant that I really could pack small. I had to take it for a test run!


First test, packing. We were going away for a few days, me and both girls. I had already kind of convinced myself that I would have to take a suitcase, even though I really didn’t want too. I grabbed my items and laid them out on the floor, I took another look at my Tesalate towel and started to wonder, could I really fit it all in a backpack each? So I grabbed my backpack and was so excited! Because of the unique compact size of Tesalate, I managed to get everything into my backpack! I was so chuffed. That’s a massive thumbs up from me!

Next test was how well it performed at the pool! So off we went swimming and to make sure I really tested it well, I got my long hair soaked and also had a shower after too. So what was the verdict after drying off? Tesalate really did hold a lot of water! Although you could feel it was heavier, it defiantly had plenty more space to keep drying me if I had needed it.

Final test, how quick would it dry? As we were staying in a caravan, in cold march with almost no heating, I was a bit worried about this one! Getting towels dry in a caravan is always a nightmare and having to take it home wet in my backpack was something I really didn’t want to have to do! Fortunately it dried really well, by the morning my towel was dry and ready to be folded back up and fit perfectly into it’s bag.

Two other things I’d like to mention:

  1. The towel is so soft, it didn’t feel like other towels and I can’t see it getting rough easy like most do!
  2. I also loved the fact that it has a hanging loop, it meant I didn’t have to try to balance it on the corner of a door or the top of the cubicle or worry that it was dragging on the floor.


Tesalate Towel


My Tesalate towel really lived up to the claims. It holds water really well, dries fast and looks absolutely amazing. It’s a towel I love to take out with me and due to it’s compact size, I can always have it on the go.

I can’t wait until my next adventure when I can take my towel with me!


*This is a sponsored post*


Tesalate Towel

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