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Imagine you are on a family holiday, your kids are desperate for you to go on the bouncy castle with them, but you just know your bladder wont hold. You sit on the sand watching you husband and kids having a great time, wishing that there was a solution to you weak bladder that doesn’t mean hours of standing at the kitchen sink remembering that you haven’t done your kegel exercises in a while. Well you need not worry, there is! Enter Perifit – Improve your health and strengthen your pelvic floor with fun games!

What is Perifit?

Perifit is a super fun kegel exerciser that allows you to play games with your pelvic floor! You contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles and the bird flies up and down accordingly to collect glowing orbs. The games are simple and fun to play, allowing you to have plenty of fun while training your muscles.

The Perifit app is downloaded to your phone or tablet device so you can use Perifit anywhere you feel comfortable and as the games were designed by doctors to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, you are sure to get good results. The app has a dedicated section to track your progress, so you can see the difference Perifit is making.



My Perifit Review

When my Perifit arrived, I was impressed by the compactness and style of the packaging. The Perifit fits perfectly in my makeup case, which is great for when I’m traveling or away for the weekend. I wanted to really take control of my pelvic floor muscles and being able to exercise on the go is an important step in this.

I got it straight out of the box and downloaded the app . The app was simple download and there was a very quick sign up process. As you enter the game, Perifit does a small connection text so you can make sure your time isn’t wasted and it’s working correctly. The thing I love best about Perifit is how visual it is. As a mum I’ve tried many times to do pelvic floor exercises, but with no feedback as to whether or not it’s working, I usually stop pretty fast. Perifit gives me the visual feedback I need, I could see straight away what was working and what wasn’t and really work my muscles.

The app has a great ‘Pelvic Floor Test’ in it, which is a quiz that helps to determine which programme best suits you. From urge incontinence and post-partum to intimate well-being, Perifit can really be tailored for any women.

The game itself is super fun, I enjoy getting the bird to fly up and down on the steeper peaks as well as hover in the air for a few seconds at a time. Once I realised that my progress was working me towards the next ‘level’ and there was more to unlock, I couldn’t get enough and couldn’t wait to get back to it the next day.

I love how the stats tracker tracks 5 different areas including stamina and accuracy as well as the superficial and deep parts of you perineum too. There is also a great progression section in the app.



In the few short weeks of using Perifit, I have already seen and felt a difference in my pelvic floor muscles. I am still enjoying the games and I would recommend Perifit to my friends too (and have!) A few days ago, I went on the bouncy castle with my eldest, I had a great time and I didn’t have to worry once.
In short, mothers really CAN enjoy that bouncy castle! We CAN wear that summer dress without having to worry about panty liners and we CAN have fun!
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