Do Home Educated kids have a prom?#ad

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Prom season is coming up soon and it has had me thinking all about the fact I didn’t go to prom and in true ‘Jade style’, I headed off on a holiday adventure instead! My mum had given me the choice and of course I chose a few days in a caravan on the coast at one of my favourite parks with 2 of my closest friends. It was perfect for me, partying and no dancing, I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘prom replacement’.

I was thinking about that break and started to wonder about the girls. Would they want to go to a prom or would they rather do something else? Being home educated they will unlikely be in a normal high school, so won’t get an invite to the prom in their last few weeks. We won’t be rushing around looking for prom vehicles, prom dresses and all the other things that come along with it… They will miss out or will they?

Of course they won’t, I’m almost certain of it! The home educated community is changing now and more and more we are seeing home educated children’s families started to create the same experiences that they would ‘miss’ (for lack of a better word) while receiving an education other than a school. In recent years, I’ve seen groups of parents hire out halls, a DJ and transportation, the girls and boys had dates and got all dressed up with their friends and just had a fantastic night – a home educated prom, celebrating both the end of their education and the success that is yet to come. (Also the success of the parents who got your through educating their child with no help from school)



So with all this I’ve been really thinking about the girls, they love to dance, be active and ‘party’, so I would love to send them to their very own prom if that is what they prefer and be at home watching them get all dressed up, taking photos and crying as the event all unfolds.

I would love to take photos at home, using a wrinkle resistant microfiber (fabric) backdrop, my iPhone 11 and a good tripod, I could easily create professional photos at home and leave myself with some amazing memories that will last forever.

I know it’s very early, but I couldn’t help but look at prom dresses, transportation, accessories, shoes and of course flowers Click Here.  I’ve seen a beautiful red lace dress, some stunning silver prom shoes and enough ideas for hair, accessories and cars to keep me going until they are old enough! I can just picture them looking like my sister, standing stunning in their dresses and shawls.

I would love them to have a horse drawn carriage and sit in it together for a picture that we could keep forever, likely blown up on top of the fireplace. I would hire a wonderful photographer to capture all the memories of getting ready and getting into the car, being picked up by their partner or friends, mum and dads tears on the day. Or I would use something like wedding photo sharing to make sure I got all the pictures I wanted. Ahh I’m so excited just thinking about it!

So yes, home educated kids can have a prom! They have trips out, holidays, discos, easter fairs and so much more, just because they are home educated doesn’t mean they need to miss out!

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