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Dealing with emotions and fatigue at Disneyland Paris #Ad

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If you’ve been before, you’ll likely get chocked up at my next sentence, if this is your first trip, you’ll think I’m mad! You’ve been traveling all day, you finally walk in the Disney park you stroll down Main Street and get to the castle and you CRY. (Told you that you’d think I’m mad!)

I know, it sounds crazy, but honestly it happens every single time. All those emotions, the stress of traveling and keeping the kids occupied the hours work you’ve put in and months spent saving, the days planning and finally, right now, you are there standing in front of that beautiful castle surrounded by your family and you are just so happy you have to let it all out!


Disneyland Paris Castle with a light dusting of Snow


The thing about Disney is, it’s magical, but it’s hard. It’s not a holiday where you sit and put your feet up, where the waiter brings you your next drink and the kids are busy in the kids club. It’s one where you are on your feet walking all week, miles and miles, more than you would usually do and on top of it all off, you’re trying to stick to your plan and keep the whole family happy at the same time and that takes a big toll on your body.


So when Being Katy Brave messaged me to talk all about her ‘Disney Essential Oil Kit‘ I just had to know more. The kit, which comes in it’s own cute little Disney case contains 4 oil blends that are made especially to take to Disney to combat the dreaded Disney fatigue and emotional overload.

Disney Oils Kit

The kit arrived and it was so cute, I’d asked for Minnie mouse and received a stylish grey zip up bag with a cute Minnie charm on the corner. Inside were 4 bottles (perfect for traveling) each labeled with cute Disney labels.


The four bottles; Be Present, Be Energised, Be Happy, Be Calm, are made of sturdy glass with a metal rolling ball. They are fantastic quality and look stylish too. To use the oils you just take the bottle you need and roll it across your wrists and inhale.


The whole kit is the perfect size to slip into your bag or if you are not taking a bag, you could keep a your favourite bottle in your pocket for later on in the day. The oils work great on both adults and children so are perfect for the whole family.

Although we haven’t been to Disney with them, we had a very difficult fortnight and the oils have come in very handy. The ‘Be Calm’ has helped me to relax before bed at the end of very stressful and tiring days and ‘Be energised’ has helped me to get through the hard days of ill children and lots of work on. I can totally see the other two blends being really handy to use while in the parks too, especially remembering to just be present and enjoy the moment.

As a mum, my family always comes first and there isn’t a time I want them to leave the parks feeling anything other than happiness, but this usually does come at the expense of me. I end up leaving the parks, tired, overwhelmed and feeling like I missed out of important family moments. The Disney oil blends give me what I need to stay in the moment and end the day with the same happiness my husband and children have.

Want to get the kit for free? Head here: http://beingkatiebrave.com/disney-oils then go to the “Do you want to get this Disney Oil Kit totally free?!” section!

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