A new annual pass holders perfect day at Disneyland Paris

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This week we have the lovely Annette, who writes over at 3 Little Buttons.  Annette recently came back from her first trip at Disney and is of course itching to get the next one booked! I hope you enjoy her post.

First things first, what time are you waking up, how and where are you?

We would definitely be waking up in a castle club room of the iconic, super-pink, Disneyland Hotel. No wake up calls required as we would all be way too excited to sleep in past 6am. This is in theory, mind you. Whilst completely amazing, the Disneyland Hotel has a pretty hefty price tag. So, the reality is that we like to opt for more affordable luxury, off site, at the Vienna Dream Castle Hotel. It’s positively charming, gives us our perfect start to the day, and, saves us enough pennies to visit more than once a year. Yas!!


Who are with you and are you a planner?

Disneyland Paris has a wonderful family vibe going on, so there’s no way I could go without Mr Button and Little Button. I would say that I like to plan very loosely, because if Aladdin pops up out of the blue, who’s going to say no, right?

Now it’s breakfast time, what are you eating?

By far, our favourite breakfast is eaten at whichever hotel we are staying in. There will be hot chocolate, croissants and sweet sticky jams. Possibly French stick bread too and cheese! Yum! I’m not a big fan of a cooked breakfast but Mr and Little Button would definitely be tucking into something like eggs, bacon and sausages as a holiday treat.


Okay, so it’s time to head off to the parks, which one are you heading to and how are you getting there? Are you doing anything on the way?

No way! As annual pass holders there’s magic hours to be enjoyed, so we’ll be racing to the Disneyland Park on our hotel shuttle bus.


You’re in! Whats the first thing you do?

Breathe in that magic! There’s nothing like it.


Whats on your hit list for the morning?

It’s all about the rides in the morning for us. Not just because of the magic hours, but also because it always feels a little less busy before lunchtime. Buzz light year, the Tea cups and Pirates of the Caribbean are all top of our list at the moment.

It’s lunch time where are you eating and what are you ordering?

After such a big breakfast at the hotel, no one is ever very hungry at lunch time. There’s a fab little kiosk just past the Hakuna Matata restaurant that does a lovely hot dog, drink and a big bag of crisps meal deal to take on the go. This makes for a perfect pit stop as it’s quick and easy.


Whats on the plan for the afternoon?

The afternoon is definitely the right time to slow the pace down a bit. Watching the parades, catching a show and meeting some characters. It’s all part of the Disney magic.


What Disney snack are you getting to get rid of the 3pm twangs?

I don’t think any of the Disney snacks would disappoint. They all look amazing. To tell the truth, before heading out in February I had huge plans on all the snacks we would try. But when we were there, because we were all having way too much fun, the snacks got forgotten about! We did manage one pit stop thought and that was to pick up some sugar waffles from near the Alice in Wonderland maize. Delicious!

The parade has been, night is falling, what MUST you get a picture of in the dark?

Probably the castle. Doesn’t it look amazing!


Whats on your evening plans?

We’ve yet to try it, but I really fancy the buffet at Cape Cod. And for afters? If we can keep our eyes open it’s got to be staying out late for the fireworks. They are truly epic!


What did you buy today?

Everything! Ok. So probably not everything. I know Little Button has her eye on collecting as many of the Disney princess dolls as possible. So probably a princess doll for her, something edible for Mr Button and a spirit jersey for me!

Whats the last thing you do before you say goodnight?

Smile! Because in Little Button’s words “this has been the best day ever!”

3 Little Buttons is a family and lifestyle blog all about our adventures, mishaps and everything in-between. We live and work in the hustle-bustle of London. The city that never sleeps… a bit like the Button house at times! We’ve recently come back from our 1st ever trip to Disneyland Paris and have definitely caught the Disney-bug. It’s normal to start looking at booking your next holiday to Disneyland on your journey home right?! – Maybe we’ll see you there next time.





A new annual pass holders perfect day at Disneyland Paris

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