5 tips for brides to be when choosing your dream wedding venue #AD

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Can you believe that me and Ryan have been together for 10 whole years now! I can’t believe those once playful teenagers (who only got together due to an argument) have made it through everything life has thrown at them and are now living happily married in their home with 2 children and a job!

One of our bigger challenges over the past 10 years, was planning our wedding. Like most people, you start wedding planning with no real idea where you should start and what you do or don’t need to do first! I looked on the internet and started a course all about wedding planning, step by step I started to learn everything I needed to know about planning weddings and I also had my qualification proudly incase I wanted to use it later in life.

Looking through my ROA (Record of Achievement) recently, I began to wonder how I could use some of these qualifications that just sit there, then it came to me, I could share the information with you guys, my loyal readers. So with that, here are my top 5 tips for brides to be when choosing your dream wedding venue.

Tip 1 – Know your guest list

Think numbers! How many people are you inviting and how many of those are going to turn up? The last thing you want to do is book a beautiful hall for 100 people when you actually have 150 arriving. Not only may some of your guest be turned away due to fire safety regulations, but if they are not it’s going to be a very tight squeeze.

Draft a list first starting with close family, extended and then friends, you’ll need this list many times throughout the planning stage, so it’s great to get it finalised as soon as possible.


Tip 2 – Think about what is included

From tables and chairs to a DJ and a buffet, different venues including different things. Make a list of things you would really like your venue to have, one of what you are happy to provide/do yourself and a list of questions for those things you will need permission for.

When visiting a venue take note of everything that is include and get all your questions answered, it would make your final decision an easy one.


Tip 3 – Remember your budget

These are some things you can skimp on, cheaper shoes, budget end table decor, but a dream venue isn’t one of those. At the same time though, don’t blow your whole budget on just the venue and be stuck with an old suit and your mums dress (unless thats what you want).

Have a clear idea of budget before you start looking at venues, set an upper and lower cost and then weight the pros and cons of each place that fits into your budget.

Tip 4 – Think about guest transport

Something that often gets forgotten about until the last minute is guest transport. There are many people who are non-drivers or won’t have carseats available for Taxi’s on the night. Consider how accessible the venue would be for those guests and whether or not you could put on transport to and from.

The same goes if you are getting married one place and having a reception else where, don’t forget to leave enough time for everyone to get there. What takes 10 minute in that car, could take 4o mins by bus especially if they have to wait.


Tip 5 – Be yourself

This day is about you two and only you two. Celebrate your love by choosing a venue you will both love, whether that is a grand venue like Notley Abbey, something a little different like the Disney Castle or the local pub, be yourself. Don’t choose a venue just because someone else wants you to or they didn’t like your original choice, choose it because it has a special feeling for husband and wife to be!


*This is a collaborative post*

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