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A Perfect Day at Walt Disney World in the Summer

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We are on our second week of ‘A perfect day and Disney’ now and I have to say I’m loving it so far. Morgan’s day (that you’re about to read) has had me in tears more than once! I’d love to take a stroll around Epcot with her and give figment a big hug! So have a read and let me know if you’d like to join Morgan too?!


First things first, what time are you waking up, how and where are you?

My phone alarm wakes us up at 7am and we all scramble out of our beds in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. While the boys get ready I step out onto the balcony and look over the Savannah (we love the Savannah View rooms) and see a Giraffe munching on some branches of the trees. I smile, I am home.


Who is with you and are you a planner?

It’s me, the Hubby and my boys – LP and BP (9 and 14 years old). We have the whole holiday planned, down to what time we’ll be going on rides because we’ve booked all of our Fastpasses a few months in advance.


Now it’s breakfast time, what are you eating?

Depending on the day it could be a buffet breakfast in Boma (restaurant in Animal Kingdom Lodge), a quick snack from the quick service place – The Mara – or we could wait and head to one of the parks to get something. We like to do something different everyday. I do love Boma though, there’s so much choice: ham, turkey, waffles, cereal, and lots and lots of pastries!


Okay, so it’s time to head off to the parks, which one are you heading to and how are you getting there? Are you doing anything on the way?

We usually go to Epcot the most when we visit so I’d say that’s where we’re going. We get there by car, we always hire because we like to drive around a lot too. In a morning we head straight to the park to try to get on some of our favourite rides before they get too busy.

Walt Disney World Epcot

You’re in! Whats the first thing you do?

Either Test Track or Soarin’. Both are rides we all go on which is great and means we can all go there together.


Whats on your hit list for the morning?

As many rides as we can fit in until it gets too busy – usually 3-4. We’ll head to Club Cool to get a quick (free) drink and to get out of the heat for a little while, then we’ll start to walk towards World Showcase. I love to walk around the countries and look in all the shops. As World Showcase usually opens at 11am we’ll only see a couple of countries before lunch and that tends to be Mexico and Norway.


It’s lunch time where are you eating and what are you ordering?

As we’re in Epcot we’d probably have Tepan Edo booked – one of our favourites in Epcot. Sushi is on the cards – Volcano Rolls are fantastic and definitely one to try if you haven’t! After that it would be steak and noodles for me, with all the vegetables and soy sauce. Yum!

The world showcase in Epcot

Whats on the plan for the afternoon?

In an afternoon we would split our time, particularly after spending the morning walking around Epcot. We’d head for Typhoon Lagoon where the boys could go on their favourite slides and then we’d all go into the Surf Pool to take on the tidal waves! The boys love it and I have to admit it’s growing on me.

It doesn’t take long to wear us out at Typhoon Lagoon though, so after a quick go around Castaway Creek (the lazy river) we’d get changed and go to our next park. We vary our days so it could be any of the other parks, so for today it’ll be Magic Kingdom.

Entering Magic Kingdom and seeing Cinderella’s Castle never fails to bring a tear to my eye and as we walk towards our first stop, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, I look at that Castle and pretend I’m a Disney Princess. Once we’re finished there the boys usually want to go on Space Mountain, and as I’m afraid of coasters I walk around taking photos or scanning for our next thing to do.

A dole whip at Walt Disney World held by Morgan

What Disney snack are you getting to get rid of the 3pm twangs?

Magic Kingdom is the perfect place for the 3pm twangs! Dole Whip all the way baby! At 3pm it’s very hot, and that ice-cream on pineapple juice is just what you need to both cool down and have a snack. Perfect!


The parade has been, night is falling, what MUST you get a picture of in the dark?

Okay so this is not in Magic Kingdom, so we’d have to park hop again but I love to see Hollywood Hotel at night. With all it’s lighting and everything it always looks so good.


Whats on your evening plans?

Oh boy here we go…

Dinner – Hoop De Doo Musical Revue at Fort Wilderness Camp Ground. Eat a family-style meal while being entertained with music and dancing, and lots and lots of laughing. Then on to Magic Kingdom again for fireworks.

No doubt the boys would be wiped out by now so we’d head back to the hotel and they’d go to bed. And the Hubby and I would either have a drink in the room while we watch Friends on Netflix, or go to Victoria Falls (the hotel bar) to grab a quick Smoked Turkey (bourbon cocktail) before bed.


What did you buy today?

All of Disney!

In all honesty though, probably a few pins to go with our collection back home. No doubt I bought a mug or some Mickey ears too! And for LP a new teddy bear – more than likely a Figment one.


Whats the last thing you do before you say goodnight?

Make sure the boys are tucked in and sleeping soundly and kiss the Hubby goodnight. Then I smile again, my first day back home was AWESOME!


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What would you do on your perfect day at Walt Disney World?


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  1. Oh Jade I loved writing this so much! It just reminds me how much I miss it when we’re not there. I could SO eat a Dole Whip right now. 😉
    Thanks for asking me to take part – it’s been magical!

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