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Talking to our landlord about getting a new heating

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Winter is here and we are so cold! Last year we lived without any heating and after visiting a friend’s house, it’s got me thinking about how lucky people are who have central heating!

I would love better heating in our house but have been previously concerned about new boiler cost and finding the right person for the job. The house is cold though and we really need to do something because at the moment being indoors feels as cold as being out on the field!

So this week i’ve been doing some research on boiler prices, specifically trying to find cheap boilers that are good quality too. Although we rent our house, I wanted to be able to come to the landlady and say, ‘hey, we would really love to help you upgrade the house to central heating, we’ve found an amazing price and would be happy to pay half’.

I think that investing in a good boiler and central heating is a really good idea for us. It’s not just about keeping warm, but about our children’s health too.

Sleeping in cold and often damp conditions can put a real strain on your body, before long you start to notice that you are coming down with more illnesses and the condition of your home deteriorate too.

Being able to help out with purchasing a cheap boiler and a set of heaters will not only help us, but increase the house value for the landlady too, so I’m really hoping she will be up for it.

What do you think, should I go to my landlady with this preposition, do you think she will say yes? Looking for more home improvement posts? Check out this one!

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