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Taking the stress out of moving home

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We’ve been renting this house for almost 4 years now and I’m starting to get the ‘moving’ itch! I’ve been looking at houses in the local area, but then I started thinking about the hell that can be moving.

Up until this time, we’ve always moved ourselves. It’s a lot of struggling to pack everything into boxes, getting stressed with each other and arguing! Even once everything is packed into boxes, we still have to think about furniture removal and how we are going to do this easy with 2 kids and a dog who wants to escape.

Family time when you're moving
I’d rather be doing this, that stressing about moving furniture!

So this time I’ve decided to take a look at house removal costs. Ideally I want a mover to just come in, pack it all for us and put it in the right rooms at the other end (sounds like heaven right?!)

Rather than being stressed at my husband and worried that the dog is going to run away, i’ll know that someone is going to come in and do all the hard work for me. I can take the girls and the dog out for a day at the park and just meet them and my husband at the new house when it is all done.

For me this makes hiring a moving company completely worth their money. The stress of packing and having to work out how to juggle furniture and kids is the worst part of moving and with removal companies taking this away for me, the move is not only a few clicks away!

What about you, do you find stressful moving? Would you hire a mover to do it for you? Also don’t forget to check out my other post about reducing stress (unless you hire a mover, you’ll need it!)

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