The List Linky 5th October

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Summer is over and The List is finally back! I’m settled down in my (now cold) front room with a dressing gown and hot chocolate, just waiting for Christmas and what better to do that to read and share your amazing posts. so without any more of my chat, lets get on with it!


Welcome back to ‘The List‘, THE place to share your list posts.

Who can link up?  You can link up any post that is a list or that contains a list (by that I mean a couple of bullet points is fine).  Recipes, checklists, X things you must see and to-do lists are also fine.  Posts can be old or new, all welcome and you can also link up to 3 posts.

This week I’m linking Visiting Disneyland Paris at Christmas (and what you need to know!) and Top 5 tips to save money when booking Disneyland Paris



My favourite posts from the summer months were;


    • So I’ve not blogged for a LONG time! But after getting my copy of Socially Savvy this month, I’ve written 4 posts, created many many pins and scheduled ALL my social media for the month! Im feeling totally inspired!
    • My free 5 days Pinterest challenge ran and I loved it, I had great feedback too.
    • I’m feeling really home (Disneyland Paris) sick this week. Kairi has asked to go for her birthday, but I can’t see it happening.
    • My mum and my sister both got married this month, which was beautiful!
    • It’s not long until Christmas now and the excitement is creeping in! (Naminé *may* have her Christmas jumper on today!)
    • It’s my birthday and my husbands 30th in a few weeks! i’m looking forward to seeing friends.

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