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Welcome back to ‘The List‘, THE place to share your list posts.

Who can link up?  You can link up any post that is a list or that contains a list (by that I mean a couple of bullet points is fine).  Recipes, checklists, X things you must see and to-do lists are also fine.  Posts can be old or new, all welcome and you can also link up to 3 posts.


This week I am linking some oldies but goodies: What can my child ride at Disneyland Paris? and Disneyland Paris Planning

My favourite posts from last week were;


    • I’ve had 3 days to finish all my weeks VA hours and my house is looking… erm… interesting!
    • As this goes live, i’ll be flying in the sky to our next exciting adventure!
    • I’m loving all the amazing ladies in Aby Moore’s Inner Circle, they give so much love and support every day and I really don’t know what I’d do without them all.
    • I’m feeling SO confident in my business right now! Although I still can’t spell it –> ‘buisness’ haha #thankyouautocorrect!
    • I had some wonderful Pinterest feedback this week which totally reminded me why I do what I do.
    • I had an amazing date with my husband. It was the first time in a year we went out and even though we were stuck on a bus for 2 hours, if it had ended then, it would still had been amazing… plus we got to see Avengers!


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