9 Disney Slumber Party Ideas for your little ones

9 Disney Slumber Party Ideas for your little ones

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If your kids are anything like mine, they love a sleepover. The thought of popcorn, hot chocolate and covers all over the floor makes them so excited and seeing their little faces just makes your day. If you are planning a Disney Slumber Party, I have filled this post with plenty of products and ideas to keep the kids occupied.

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The first thing you are going to need is a movie of course. One of our favourite pick in our house is Moana! ‘See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me’.


If you are having friends over, then why not grab one of these cute Disney sofa beds? Perfect for 2 kids and great to keep in the kids room after the party too. If you don’t want a sofa, take a look at a blow up ready bed.


This Disney Cars light is so cute and perfect for the stories and ‘late’ night chat, my girls are both asking for this for their next trip.


Let your kid be the talk of the party with these cute Disney Pj’s.


When we had our last sleep over party, the girls loved to do their nails, this cure Moana goes along with the film perfect.


Doing hair is so much fun, this cute hair brush is the perfect little gift for your guests.


We have this game and its SO much. The girls start playing this at 3 years old. It’s Disney eye-spy in a box, the board is pretty long, but its the perfect game to sit on the floor and enjoy with your friends.


Who loves punch balloons? These are Disney ones… Enough said!

When we had our last sleep over I brought popcorn boxes and they were so much fun, I found these Cars ones on amazing they were so much fun!


Bonus idea… Okay, they are not Disney but we just loved these unicorn tattoos and would defiantly grab them again!



What else would you add to this list, let me know before I plan our next sleep over!








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  1. It’s a little while yet until my daughter will be having sleepovers, but she’s a huge Moana fan (hence the heart of Te Fiti cookie recipe on the blog) and these all look like they’d make an amazing disneyfied slumber party! #TheListLinky

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