Top 5 attractions to leave your little ones amazed | Disneyland Paris

Top 5 attractions to leave your little ones amazed | Disneyland Paris

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You want to take your child to Disneyland Paris, you’ve found a great deal, articles of what to pack, but now you’re not really sure what your child will be able to ride. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too, when the girls were just 6 weeks and 23 months, I was unsure that they would be able to go on anything… but guess what, they both could! If you are looking for an overview of what rides your child can ride, just click here, but if you want to know the top 5 attractions to leave you little ones amazed, continue reading.


What will little ones love at Disneyland Paris?

Dumbo ride at Disney


Sitting in a Dumbo your child can have fun controlling the lever to go as high or low as they like. Going round in a circle you will have a wonderful view of fantasyland, the kids love to see how high they can go and you can even make dumbo a little bumpy too.

Casey Jr

If you have a little thrill-seeker, then this is totally the ride for them. Casey Jr is a ‘roller coaster’ for the little ones, it goes quite fast, but the kids love to laugh while going round. Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for the mini castle and storybook characters.


Small World ride Disney

Small World

Yes, the song will get stuck in your head, but don’t worry, you’re on holiday! The little ones will love to sit in the boat and take a look at all the singing dolls and animals, its surprising how quick they pick up the song too and ‘sing’ along.


In Walt Disney Studios, you have to take a ride on the cars right. Although its a very tight squeeze for the adults, the kids will love to spin round and weave in and out of the other cars, keep them up the front do they can ‘steer’ their way to victory!

  Play House Disney Show Disneyland Paris

Playhouse Disney

Mickey Mouse, Donald, Daisy and so many other friends come out to play at the Play House Disney Show. With confetti cannons and an amazing interactive show, you have to go see this show, the kids will love to get up and dance and there may even be some special guests too…


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Want to take your little one to Disneyland Paris? Here are the top 5 attractions to leave your little ones amazed

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  1. Oh how helpful. We are looking at going later in the year when we have a 7mth old, 5yr old & * yr old. Great to know there will be something for everyone. #TheListLinky

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