Is going Premier on the Eurostar worth more money?

Is going Premier on the Eurostar worth more money?

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When booking the Eurostar to Disneyland, you will often notice that it isn’t much more to go Premier than Standard. Your mouse hovers over that button but you’re not sure if the price is actually worth it. So what do you get for your extra money?

Quick Check-In and a bigger luggage allowance

Check-in is open until 30 mins prior to your train. You can use the express lane and your luggage allowance is more too.


Something the Eurostar is lacking the standard section is wireless! With a train full of people who are bored and parents that are desperate to keep their children entertained and in their seats, you would think that this would be sorted. However, in reality, the Eurostar Wifi is shocking! It’s so slow that you can’t load at website your whole journey. That is unless you are in the Premier section of the train!

Charging Points

If you have lots of devices, want to work on the train or even just need to give your phone a boost ready for all those photos you will be taking, the charging points are a blessing!

Bigger seats

The seats in the standard carriage aren’t known for their space or comfiness! So premier is a breath of fresh air in this area. In premier, me and my husband can easily fit a child between us! Plus the seats on the newer trains are extremely comfy!

Is going Premier on the Eurostar worth more money?


On the morning trains, you will be offered Breakfast. This consists of tea, coffee, fruit juice, croissants, rolls, and muesli. Servers will also come around with a Danish and fruit too.

On the afternoon/evening train, you will be offered dinner. This is a cold meal which comes in a paper bag as shown (usually sandwiches)

Included in your Premiere seat is a glass of wine (or equivalent) with your meal. This might not be something everyone wants, but it’s a nice way to finish a wonderful holiday off in style.


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