Should I book Disneyland Paris Express Luggage service_

Should I book Disneyland Paris Express Luggage service?

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Set the scene, you arrive in Marne Le Valleé station and walk past the Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service, you have your very excited, but very tired because they’ve been traveling lots, children with you and all your luggage. You are desperate to hop straight into the park but instead, you have to drag everything and everyone all the way back to the hotel to check in and drop your cases off.

It’s okay, your friends told you that your hotel is only 10 minutes away from the park, so it won’t take long at all. But what they failed to mention is the time it takes to get there with not only those tired children but your luggage too, as well as waiting to check in, dropping your luggage off and then either walking again or waiting for another bus and going through security to get back into the park.

Yes, that ’10 minutes’ has now taken you an hour and now it’s so close to dinner time, you’re wandering around Main Street trying to work out what is best to do because there just isn’t enough time to ride before heading off to dinner.

So what is the Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service and how does it work?

Once you are on the Eurostar and in France, a Disney employee will come around with you Express Luggage Pack. They will ask you how many pieces of luggage you will be checking in, explain to you what you need to do and then hop on to the next family on their list.

So whats in my pack?

  • Luggage Labels – (1 per item you are checking in) You will need to write your family name and travel dates on these, then rip off the bottom stub to keep before attaching to your case.
  • Check-in form – (1 per room) This needs to be filled in prior to check in so you can grab your room key much faster – which means getting to bed quickly!
  • Meal Vouchers – If you have a meal plan, all your vouchers will be given to you in your pack. Make sure you count them carefully, this includes upgrade vouchers for character meals like breakfast.
  • Photo Pass Voucher – If you have booked a photo pass, the voucher to pick up your photo pass once you are in the park, will be included in your pack
  • Information – Any information you need about your trip (including a welcome letter)
  • Your Hotel Easy Pass – (The pass that will get you into magic hours!) This is attached to your hotel registration form
  • Park Tickets – for the duration of your stay

So where do they take my luggage off the Eurostar for me?

No, you take your own luggage off the Eurostar and take it up to level 1, you will see a hatch with the Disney characters on and hand your luggage over to the Disney employee.

You then walk straight out of the Eurostar building and throughout security, into the park! It’s THAT simple!

As you have your pack, you will have your park tickets and any food vouchers you need for the day in the park, so just head straight in and have fun.

Once you’ve finished your first day, just follow the crowds back to your hotel and check in with your pre-filled form.

Then grab your luggage from the hotel luggage room.

*Top Tip* If you have more than one adult, get one to check in while the other grabs the luggage, you’ll save time and be able to get into your room sooner!

What about on the way home?

On the morning of your check out, you will drop your luggage off in the luggage room of your hotel. (You will need to keep the same luggage tags and stubs from day 1!)

Your luggage will be taken to the Eurostar terminal by the Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service, leaving you to go straight to the park and have extra time to say goodbye to the mouse!

At least an hour before your Eurostar (if you are traveling direct on the Eurostar), you will pop back to the same hatch you dropped your bags off to on the first day and pick up your luggage, then head to your train as usual.

If you are still not sure you want to book the service, you can add it on for the return journey at any point during your holiday by visiting your hotel reception.


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