Visiting all the Disney Parks – Disneyland

Visiting all the Disney Parks – Disneyland

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It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to visit all the Disney parks around the world. I’ve been to Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Paris in Marne le Vallee, so of course next on my list is Disneyland in California. I’ve been looking at this trip a few times now and (because I like to visit Disney multiple times in a year) I have been working out how to do it as a 1-day trip.

So I’ve been looking at San Diego vacation homes because they are only 90 minutes away from Disneyland and we can still have a sun holiday with plenty around to do, such as San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, La Jolla Cove and Seaworld. A sun holiday is exactly what I need at the moment too!


What can I do in San Diego?

1. Disneyland

Only a short 90 minutes drive away, Disneyland California is the perfect destination. (I am absolutely so excited just typing it!) As a family of 4 there is plenty there for us to do. The rides, shows and of course walk down Main Street and just take it all in and then. Head to radiator springs, drop with guardians of the galaxy and then once we’re completely tired, we can hop over to Disney’s California Adventure too.

Oh and I have to see the Dapper Dans!


2. An Evening at Disneyland

Of course, the evening is going to start off with Disney’s amazing fireworks and Fantasmic. Then hopping over to Disneyland California Downtown District where we can grab a bite in the Rainforest Café and a bit of shopping (like the Disney Dress Shop and the World of Disney!) and finish off with a wonderful trip to AMC Downtown Disney’s 12 Theatres to catch a new Disney Movie too.


3. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is famous for its beautiful animals, I mean who doesn’t want the chance to see a Panda Bear and a Koala? If you take a look on trip advisor, you’ll see people say that ‘San Diego Zoo is the happiness of Disney’. Which sounds very exciting to me. I’ve always been interested in San Diego Zoo and after our trip to London Zoo late last year, I know the girls would absolutely love it!


4. Balboa Park

Balboa Park is one of the most popular parks in the United States. With San Diego Zoo situated inside it, it would be silly for us not to plan a couple of hours in the parks too, taking in all the beautiful views. The girls are really into wildlife and flowers, so I’d love to take them to have a look at the Japanese Garden and Rose Garden too.


5. La Jolla Cove

I love to snorkel and have always wanted to scuba dive. However, as I’m not a massive fan of beaches, it’s not something I’ve ever gotten round to doing. With this trip, I’ll be planning to go to the beautiful La Jolla Cove, the beach and views are gorgeous and it’s perfect for scuba divers so there would be something for all of us.


6. Seaworld

I can never go to Walt Disney World without taking a trip to Seaworld. I love seeing the amazing shows and going on awesome rides like the journey to Atlantis. Then there are the up-close places where you get to touch a crab or a stingray and so many education plaques through the park (which I love to read with the girls, to help them learn about the world). So, when I realized San Diego has a Seaworld, it went straight onto my list.


7. Botanical Building and Lily Pond

The Botanical buildings here in Cambridge are beautiful, I love to wander through and see the unique flowers and help the girls to learn about the world. San Diego has a wonderful Botanical Building and Lily pond with over 1200 tropical flowers! Definitely a whole day and something a little different for a beach holiday, it’s definitely going on the list.



8. Petco Park

Petco Park is a ballpark set in San Diego. I have to be honest, my family isn’t a massive lover of sports (seriously, we don’t even enjoy sport console games), but as we have never been to a ballpark before, this would be the perfect experience. 1… 2… 3… strikes you’re out! We’ll be grabbing a super-sized drink and a hot dog (or 2!) and really getting into the game. You never know, we may end up loving it.


With 8 exciting things to do in San Diego, I’m going to need to have a least a week (but I’m thinking 2, because we will need an extra week, Disney and then time for shopping too!). I’ve already started pricing this exciting trip to visit San Diego and Disneyland California, I’ve been looking at a beautiful Villa on San Diego beach, 2 bedrooms, Tv’s in every room (including the bathroom) and Wi-Fi (because you’re not getting us away from the internet that easily!).

The Villa is so close to the beach, with sporting events, boating, cycling and Kairi’s favorite skating, all on offer, there isn’t going to be a dull moment on this trip! So what would you love to do if you got to visit San Diego? Would you take a magical trip to Disneyland California or perhaps visit the Botanical Building and Lily Pond?

*This is a collaborative post, all exciting trip ideas are my own so check back soon to see if we announcing what date we’ve booked! Disneyland California, here I come!!

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