Disneyland Paris Illuminations and 7 reasons why I didn't love it.

Disneyland Paris Illuminations and 7 reasons why I didn’t love it.

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After managing to stay clear of all spoilers about Disneyland Paris’ 25th Anniversary and the new show on the castle Illuminations, it’s safe to say I was very excited to see the new show. Dreams was absolutely amazing and I would try to catch it a couple of times every trip we went on. (Even if this meant having a late dinner) so with newer technology available now, I just could n’t wait to see what Illuminations would be like.

We managed to get a great spot for Illuminations, close to the front, but not too close and centre too, no tall people in front of us and the girls were asleep which meant we could just relax and enjoy it. Unfortunately, we left the Disneyland Parc that night feeling deflated, it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be and I wanted to really think about and touch on the points why.

  1. The sections seamed promo ‘look at what film we want to push now’
  2. Me and hubby both said the projections were slightly off and it just made it look blurry/funny
  3. There were too many fireworks at times when you were supposed to be focusing on the castle, so the firework light blocked out the projection
  4. The music and French to English balance just isn’t as well done as dreams and even when it is, the English is cover artists (though this I can overlook  but throw in old well loved stuff, not just new!)
  5. The top half of the castle just wasn’t used enough
  6. There was no story (that we could see)
  7. Embers flying towards us and the crowd, really not so fun!

To balance it out a bit, here are a few things I loved:

  1. The way they used smoke/dry ice to create new effects that’s is not seen them use before.
  2. Star Wars and POTC were 10x better than I thought they would be and both made me want to watch the films again. (Which are 2 that I’m not a massive fan of)
  3. The new layout of areas to watch in, it really makes the atmosphere nicer because it’s harder for people to push in front of you
  4. They made a very similar intro

I hate to be negative about DLP because I love it so much, but positivity all the time gets you nowhere! What did you think of the new show? Let me know below.

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