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Because Life Is Worth Celebrating : Week 23

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Happy new years eve everyone! Thank you for joining me this week, I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday, ours has been so nice and I’m very much looking forward to having all our friends over.

So let’s get started, the final celebrate list of the year!


1. Cocktails
New Year’s Eve is coming and we’ve brought lots of bits to have a go at making our own cocktails! I can’t wait to do this with Nicola.
2. Candles
I got all my candles out and realized what an amazing selection of Yankees I have, I’m so lucky.
3. Bath Toys
Kairi and Naminé got some new bath toys of their Auntie Vic for Christmas, they’re so much fun… mummy may enjoy playing with them too!
4. Christmas Dinner
We had a lovely Christmas dinner and I really enjoyed cooking in our new cooker.
5. Gifts
I’m feeling very grateful for being able to work and buy my girl’s lovely gifts for Christmas, I’m also grateful for our wonderful family and friends who brought us all some too.
6. Christmas Eve Book
My favorite part of Christmas, getting to read the Christmas Eve book to the girls. I love Judith and Jed!
7. Family Game
We all took some time on Christmas eve to sit down with each other and start a family board game, I’ve also got to spend lots of time just gaming with my husband over the past week.
8. New PJs
The girls look SO cute in their new PJs and I loved mine too!
9. Christmas Shopping
We got to go Christmas shopping with Auntie Nic and it was really nice, the shops were crazy busy but I really enjoyed going out and eating lunch with my friend!
What did you get up to this week? Any adventures?

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