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Because Life Is Worth Celebrating : Week 19

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So here I am, writing my celebratory list again! I have had SO much fun these past few months writing this list, long let it continue!

This week is the run-up to Disneyland Paris, I can’ believe that we will be there tomorrow, eek!

1. Putting Mums Christmas Tree Up

We had a lovely time putting the Christmas tree up with mum this week, I love how its covered in over 100 Disney decorations.

2. Christmas Colouring

We bought this awesome Christmas Colouring Book from The Purple Pumpkin, It was perfect for all of us and we had so much fun spending time together and making our pictures.

3.  Carrying Naminé

It’s been a while since I’ve popped Naminé on my back. Our really beautiful madame goo goos don’t support us when carrying very well anymore, so I’m excited to be working with It’s a sling thing, as they sent me the perfect carrier and I got to put Naminé on my back again.

4. My New Cocktail Set

I can’t wait to try out this perfect Cocktail set on New Years Eve! It’s so pretty and I just know we are going to have so much fun making them!


5. Giant Gingerbread Play House

My best friend came over at the weekend, we grabbed the giant gingerbread house out, popped the Christmas music on and got decorating, it was SO much fun! I’m so lucky to have such an awesome friend who comes to visit us so often.


6. Ryans New Clothes

I’m LOVING my husband’s new look, he looks so smart and comfortable in his new clothes and warm too!

7. Christmas Shopping

I officially started my Christmas shopping this week when I brought Kairi’s first gift (it was on offer, I was NOT going to miss the deal!) Still lots to go, but I’m starting to feel prepared!


8. Anna and Elsa

After we met Nanny for a drink in costa, we bumped into Anna and Elsa in town (and Olaf too!) It was so nice to see the girls faces and they were so excited to see the Christmas decorations and the ice rink.


9. Seeing My niece and Nephew

I had a lovely time catching up with my niece and nephew this week, I got lots of lovely cuddles and pics too

What did you get up to this week? Any adventures?

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