7 Elf of Kindness activities for your family this Christmas

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So on Saturday Patch our elves of kindness turned up, but this year he turned up with another friend too ‘Puffy’! Puffy and Patch are here with us for 23 days to help us spread kindness to others. So on Saturday morning, we woke up to an exciting breakfast full of surprises, from hot chocolate and candy canes to waffles pancakes and cereal with squirty cream, we had a feast!

The only problem I have with Patch visiting (apart from the fact he brought a friend without telling me!) is that I often run out of ideas after day 12 and spend the evenings struggling to set something up. So I thought I’d share with you 9 kindness activities for your family this Christmas.


1. Pick up some rubbish!
The simplest task, but what not make the world around you pretty, a little kindness goes a long way and once they start this, you’ll notice that they want to do it more often ( though don’t expect them to do it at home!)

2. The delivery guy basket
I first saw this idea on Facebook last year and immediately fell in love. The delivery guys (and gals) work really hard this time of year to help Santa get all the gifts, so why not leave a little box on your doorstep full of treats like drinks, crisps and choc bars to help them get through the season, you can pop it all in in one go or add to it daily. This year I’m giving the girls the money to go and fill the box up, then we will let people take what they need so even the postie knows he is appreciated.

3. Thank you’s to local shops.
As with the delivery guys, the shop staff are also working extra this time of year, often with unhappy customers, so grab a pen and paper and get writing some notes which you can drop off next time you are in, your kindness is sure to put a massive smile on their faces.

4. Visit a home (animal, care, children etc).
Sometimes company is the best gift, visit a home and spend some time with everyone there, spread a smile and have some fun.

5. Drop of some treats to your local hospital, fire station, police or ambulance crew.
The emergency services will likely be run off their feet for the next few weeks, I’m sure they would really appreciate a few treats (or a hammer if you have the money)

6. Help the homeless.
The homeless often get missed out this Christmas, if you can donate blankets, coats, hats, shoes, food, drink or pennies, I know they would really appreciate it. I write about the wonderful man I met last week on our facebook page: Mummies Waiting.

7. Kindness Pennies.
Kindness pennies are just the spare change from your purse that the elf leave. Your children can think about it and choose to donate it to whatever charity they wish.

8. Donate to the Foodbank.
Leave out some money or a shopping list and donate a big shop to the Foodbank. If you can’t do a full shop, then why not just go for an item or two.

9. Be polite and go out of your way to smile at others more.
The simplest kindness activity. Smile at everyone you can and see how infectious you can make it.

If love to know if you have an elf of kindness this Christmas and if so what activities you are doing. Leave me a note in the comments below.

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