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Style My Husband – Jacamo Style #ad

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If you know me and my husband, you will know that we wear the same couple of outfits OVER and OVER again! Ryan is always caught in the same jeans and ‘gamer’ t-shirt tops and really, it was time for a change. So when Jacamo asked me if I’d like to style my husband, of course, the answer was yes!

For years now, Ryan hasn’t had a coat. Like me, he always just braves the weather and hopes his jumper keeps him warm enough. So a coat and a new jumper were first on my list. The other thing I was looking for was a couple of pairs of nice trousers or jeans. As he usually wears them long, the ends get messed up pretty fast, so this time I wanted to try to find a happy medium.


So I headed over to look at winter coats section of the Jacamo website and started to browse. The website was easy to use and quickly I fell in love with lots of coats, the only problem I had was deciding which one I loved more! Finally, I decided on this ‘Label J Faux Fur Trim Parka Regular’, I knew the fur hood would be big enough to keep his headphones in and the fur would keep him extra warm too as it would block more wind.

I continued around the site and found a ‘Black Label V Neck Textured Fine Knit’ jumper. Black is a great color to go with almost anything and the fine knit would mean he could chuck it on over one of his many t-shirts and have an extra layer. I paired this off with 2 pairs of ‘Union Blues’ jeans ‘loose’ and ‘tapered’.

Jackamo Style Autumn Winter 2017

The tapered jeans are such a fantastic fit and I’ve been told the coat is ‘love, so warm and .cuddly’, to be honest, I’d quite like to wear it myself! It’s a good job I got myself a new style this season too and then picked up a new coat later.

Jackamo Style Autumn Winter 2017

This jumper and jeans are quite likely my new favorite outfit on Ryan, they both suit him so well and he seems totally comfortable in them. If you’ve taken a look at the pin above, you’ll see my favorite picture, I just love how the whole outfit works.


It’s 2020 now and things have changed over the past few years, Ryan still loves his coat – which is holding up very well and also the fine knit jumper too. We looking at new ways to help him with his style now, from hair expert help you solve hair loss problems which have slowly cropped up over the past few years to new shoes because he is always the last to get them.

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*This is a collaborative post – we received all items in return for this post- all opinions are our own*

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