Disneyland at Christmas – double the magic (1)

Disneyland at Christmas – double the magic

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Regular visitors to these pages will know that two of my favourite things are Disneyland and Christmas. With the festive season rapidly approaching, what better time to look at combining them both for a doubly magical experience?

You might think that with the rigmarole, organising and not least expense of Christmas, the last thing you need as a busy parent is to add the stress and cost of a December expedition overseas, but just think again for a moment. One of the beauties of the modern age is that travel is cheaper and easier than it’s ever been. And the internet provides such a broad range of options that you can usually find a cut-price deal.


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A Disney Christmas

Disneyland Paris is open throughout the Christmas period, and as you can imagine, there are some extra special parades and events that take place throughout the weeks leading up to and beyond the big day. The park is even open on Christmas Day itself, should you wish to simply get away from it all and have a thoroughly unconventional Christmas!

Perhaps the better plan, however, is to factor in a weekend visit as part of the run-up to the festive season. The Christmas activities are already underway, so you have plenty of dates to choose from.

Just be prepared for the fact that it could be cold. Very cold. Hats, gloves, scarves and snow boots are a must. Read ten random reviews of Disney at Christmas and eight of them will say something like: “It was amazing, but it was soooooo coooold!”

Disneyland at Christmas – double the magic (1)

What’s happening

So, what do Mickey and co have planned for this year? Believe it or not, Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year – how old does that make you feel? There is a general theme of both the 25th year and the 25th December, making this a particularly significant Disney Christmas.

Santa will be there to help the usual Disney Characters head up the extravaganza, along with the stars from Frozen – highly appropriate. There will be a giant tree covered with Christmas wishes, along with some specially themed parades.

Disneyland at Christmas – double the magic (1)

The shows

But perhaps it is the all-new Christmas shows that are the biggest draw of all. These include Sing Me a Merry Christmas, a musical which will be performed several times a day, and in which big and little kids can sing along to some Christmas classics with Mickey and the rest.

The biggest highlight has got to be Goofy’s Incredible Christmas. This is a nighttime performance of an imaginative Christmas tale that includes some amazing special effects.

Worth the cold feet

To me, there is nothing more magical than Disney. Except, perhaps, for Christmas. The possibility to combine the two for a weekend is definitely something that’s worth putting on an extra pair of socks for!

We are off to Disneyland Paris 1 weeks today and I’m so excited to see the Christmas season again! If you’d like to read more, you can check out, ‘What can my child ride at Disneyland Paris‘ or head over to the Disneyland Paris section of the blog for more information! Happy planning!

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  1. Oh my goodness I am so jealous and excited for you. I can wait to read about your trip! I’ve never been to any Disneyland, but they are on my list, as for Paris, it’s one of my favourites… #TheListLinky

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